Long gone are the days when you carried a heavy calculator in your purse to do the math when you had to calculate the number of calories you eat, the money you pay for bills or estimate other amounts. Now you can use your phone to do all of these, and even more, because smartphones have numerous functions. In an app-riddled digitally-connected society, counting is no longer something only the most skillful of us are being able to do. Your smartphone allows you to estimate your carbon footprint, keep track of how much plastic you recycle, and determine how much compensation you can get after an accident, as long as you access the right Internet resources. 

And because it’s overwhelming to pick one of the many apps and websites available online, we made a list you can check if you need a calorie counting calculator, sustainable lifestyle app, or financial calculator. 

Calorie counting calculators 

The key to achieving your dream weight is to burn more calories than you take in, but intuitive eating isn’t helping you because it’s challenging to estimate how much you ingest without an app that keeps track of your nutritional info. A calorie-counting app makes it easier to log your food and gain an insight into your eating habits. Here are nutritionists’ favourite apps; let’s check them out. 

Fitbit – you’re probably using a Fitbit bracelet to monitor your physical activity, so why not pairing it with a food tracking app offered by the same provider? It allows you to scan packages’ barcodes or input the foods manually to track how much carb, protein, and fat you take daily and review your food choices to improve your overall health. 

MyFitnessPal – nutritionists call this app the queen of diet and fitness trackers because it integrates over five million foods in its library and allows you to keep a nutritional journal you can consult when you want to check what foods you ate last month. The program also has a VIP edition for those who want to pay an annual fee and get a deeper dive into their diets. 

BMI Calculators

If you want to gain or drop weight, you need to know a very important indicator, the body mass index, because it helps you find your path in the fitness world. Over time, nutritionists created numerous formulas for calculating the body mass index, but there’s no reason to waste your time trying to use one of them; let a special app do it. It asks you to enter your weight and height to calculate your body mass index and provide valuable insights to help you achieve your weight goal. 

BMI Calculator: Body Fat Percentage & Ideal Weight – track your weight and fat weight indicators if you want to stay healthy. This app allows you to count calories and estimate the perfect amount you need to eat daily according to your lifestyle, weight, and height. The app also provides you with diet advice according to the parameters you include in your app. It can also create a training system according to your goals. 

Weight Loss Tracker, BMI – if you have been struggling to lose weight for a long time, but all your methods failed, you need to measure the body mass index because it’s an essential indicator of health. This app helps you track your current weight and achieve the ideal one by keeping an eye on how effective your diet and fitness routine are. 

Sustainable lifestyle calculators

sustainable lifestyle app makes it easier to minimise plastic usage, lower your carbon footprint, and make ethical and eco-friendly choices. 

Oroeco – allows you to calculate your daily carbon footprint and fight climate change. It tracks how much electricity you use and the emissions you produce from the food you eat, transport means you use, and other activities you perform daily. It helps you make green choices, saves you money, and inspires you to change your lifestyle to stop global warming. 

Good on you – works like a directory you access to find ethical clothing brands. It also allows you to find out how eco-friendly the brands you purchase from are by including information about their commitment to sustainability and animal welfare. 

Other useful calculators

You use calculators on a daily basis, and because of this, many apps provide this service. You can utilize them to figure out how much to tip at a restaurant, how much compensation you should receive if you have a workplace-related injury, or solve math problems for your kids’ homework. 

Compensation calculator – if you have an accident at work or a car crash, you can get compensation from the one who holds the responsibility for your injuries and stress. But it’s challenging to estimate the amount on yourself, and you need to ask for professional help. An experienced personal injury lawyer can estimate how much compensation you can receive by considering the particular factors associated with the accident. 

Desmos Graphing Calculator – this is a great alternative for graphing calculators because it can do basic actions like most calculators do, but also a wide range of scientific calculator operations. It allows you to do from stats to tables and graphs that can help you on the job. Its graphs are interactive and include tons of valuable data you can share with your co-workers. All stats and tables you create with its help are customisable and work for most academic formats. 

Financial Calculators – this app includes a list of calculators that make your life easier. It comes with dozens of features that allow you to easily calculate your home loan interest, student loan repayment, and yearly taxes. It’s a useful program to use when you struggle with managing your finances because it effectively estimates your budget and allows you to plan according to your available funds. It’s a free app that requires no in-app purchases to access the entire palette of modes. 

Your phone is your most valuable possession when it comes to the range of things it can perform if you provide it with the right tools. Take advantage of the calculator apps available in the app store and live a stress-free life. 

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