If you have reached this buying guide on the best magnetic charger cables, chances are high, that your manufacturer-provided charger isn't performing as you have liked, or maybe you want the safety of an extra charger. Well, congratulations, you won’t have to look further; this article will get you covered.Smartphones are a fundamental part of our lives now, no one can deny it. These devices are ruling us, instead of we using it. Imagining our life without it becomes nearly impossible, it has everything we need from compass and calculator to the internet, which makes everything available to us with just touch or oral order to Siri or Alexa. But like all things it has life and battery which needs charging, which makes the charger as necessary as the smartphone itself! A charger is the most crucial accessory for a smartphone as your phone is useless if you have a flat battery; thus, It has become an obligatory companion with us.A charger plays an essential role in battery life and ultimately the longevity of your phone. Although there are many kinds of chargers, it is vital to buy a strong and durable one. Hence a lousy charger won't only damage your phone's battery life, but also it will cost a fortune. No one likes wasting money, especially when the reason for the wastage is a recurrent expense on buying chargers. To avoid this misfortune, the need to get for you an excellent magnetic charging cable becomes obvious, rational.Generally, there are three types of chargers:
  1. Conventional chargers are generally provided by smartphone manufacturers.
  2. Wireless chargers are also available for both android and iOS users.
  3. Magnetic cable chargers.

Things to consider before buying a Magnetic phone charger

However, you must have realized that there are numerous products to choose from in the market today. To select the best unit out of the hundreds available today, you should know for what to look?The Cord: Cord problems are the biggest excuse for malfunctioning. Pay attention to the type of insulation present, keeping the length of the cord in mind.Quick Charge: Some chargers are fast or slower than your standard issued ones. A quick charge is in trend. It should be a factor, especially if you always forget to charge their phone. A standard 9V/2A charger would do the job. Most quick charges support 20V/5A for a fast charge.Data Transfer: You would want to purchase a magnetic charger that allows for the speedy and unreliable transfer of data. Magnetic chargers come with varying speeds. Pay attention to this fact and buy a charger that can allow for use in virtually all ports.Design: Aesthetic appeal of chargers comes into play. A 90-degree connector is common with most magnetic chargers. So you can play your games while it charges in whatever positioning you are.LED indicator: If you have been a victim of assuming your phone is charging when it's not, then this should be an essential factor. This feature makes sure that your phone is plugged correctly into the power source. magnetic charger can be of great value to you since it is more efficient and reliable in fulfilling your charging goals. They are as safe as any other standard issued ones and also subject to quality evaluation standards.

10 Best Magnetic Phone Charger Cables to Buy 

1. Terasako Magnetic Charging Cable 

Terasako is overall the best with a multipurpose magnetic charging cable delivers outstanding performance through the modular jack system. The design of the cable is unique and fancy the manufacturer did not leave any stones unturned.Pros
  • It has Nylon-braided cable for additional strength.
  • Features with Multipurpose cable with numerous popular modular jacks.
  • Features 360-degree rotation jack for reducing damage and increasing flexibility.
  • It does not provide quick charging.
  • Its transfer data speed is slow.

2. Wsken  Magnetic  Charge Cable  

As compared to the product reviewed above, the Wsken cable is relatively costlier. The cable is known to offer a fast charging experience for the phones and gadgets it supports. In addition to charging the phone, the cable is built to support USB 2.0 data transfer. It is strong and durable enough to withstand daily abuse for years to come without fail. Wear and tear is not going to be a problem for this one as both sides of the cable are metallic.Pros
  • Consists of a strong, polarized magnet.
  • It increases charging speeds by up to 30%. 
  • The unit is Anti-scratch, Anti-oxidation and Anti-dust.
  • It comes with an LED light indicator.
  • The Effectiveness of holding pins on its Micro USB connector. 

3. NetDot 3 Charging Magnetic Cable (advised for iOS)

If you are looking to balance affordability with functionality in your new magnetic phone charge, you would happily consider buying the NetDot 3 Pack cable today. It is a strong and durable product that offers a relatively high 2.1 A current output provided by the cable, which is preferable for iOS products.Pros
  • Consists of durable and robust construction.
  • Fast charging for USB2.0. 
  • It provides USB2.0 data transfer.
  • Compatible with all iPhones and many other Apple products.
  • Strength of the magnet is average. 

4. SOJITEK Magnetic Phone Charger 

The Sojitek Magnetic Charger offers a powerful magnet. The magnet used on this unit can support a weight of about one pound when suspended upside down. As such, it will be a secure and reliable connection to your phone and will not fall out accidentally. It is also the most extended Magnetic Cable with 5 feet length.Pros
  • Consists of a strong magnet.
  • Length of the cord is 5 feet.
  • Fast charging.


  • It doesn’t support data transfer.

5. WXJHA Magnetic Charger 

The WXJHA magnetic charger offers an extra accessory in the form of a mobile holder. That makes it a flexible unit to keep your phones plugged in the unit with style.The ABS material used for this charger ensures high durability with colour choices in silver, red, and black for your taste.Pros
  • Fancy design.
  • Colourful options.
  • It doesn’t support data transfer.
  • New in the market.

6. Smart & Cool Gen3 Magnetic Charging Cable

The Smart & Cool Gen3 the product is a practical choice. It is rated one of the best for visually impaired users as well as drivers. Such individuals are unable or do not have the time to pay close attention to how they attach the cable to their phones.Pros
  • Features a strong magnet
  • Affordable price with 18-days guarantee offer.
  • Perfect for visually impaired personals and relatively easy to snap-on.
  • Can transfer data.
  • It does not provide fast charging.

7. Digital Ant Gen X Magnetic Phone Charger Cable 

Digital Ant brings forth a set of three magnetic charging cables all support fast charging. Perhaps, that particular feature is the main one that gives them a mention in this list.You can find it compatible with numerous devices present in the market.Pros
  • Decent magnetic power.
  • It provides fast-charging.
  • It is a novel product new in the market.

8. Crozziz Magnetic Charging Cable 

Here is another magnetic cable that gives you the flexibility of usage, with high-powered output to charge your devices. With Crozziz, you receive a set of three charging cables with 1 foot, 3 feet, and 6 feet lengths.Pros
  • Durable nylon braiding
  • Choice of designs to support charging conveniently.
  • LED indicator
  • The magnetic strength isn't as strong as you'd hope for it to be.

9. Smart&Cool Gen X Magnetic Cable 

Gen X comes with decent data transfer support, as it can pass 3A current to give you decent synchronization for almost all supporting devices.The simple magnetic snap-on feature makes it a great piece of equipment for people who are visually impaired, as they would not need to apply effort to find the port and plug it in their devices for charging.Pros
  • Sturdy with nylon-braided cable.
  • It supports data transfer.
  • It does not provide fast charging.

10. UGI Magnetic Charging Cable  

The UGI L-shaped magnetic phone charger cable is an innovative design with a 90-degree bend for the convenience of using devices while charging through the cable.The company has added a blind magnetic absorption feature to its cables for ease of connectivity for users. Furthermore, it offers convenience through the two 6.6 feet cables beside 3 feet one.Pros
  • Powerful magnet.
  • Durable with nylon braiding
  • It features 360-degree rotation cable.
  • It does not provide fast charging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are magnetic chargers bad for your phone?

Unlike conventional chargers, magnetic chargers have the distinct advantage of faster data transfer and optimal battery charging.Magnetic chargers use their magnetic field in the USB port to establish a connection between your phone and the charging cable. Therefore, the charger is safe, plus it doesn’t strain your phone’s charging port as much as a traditional charger would.

Is slow charging better than fast charging?

Many of our esteemed readers ask this question. While fast charging is convenient, charging your device's battery at a slower rate will generate lesser heat and stress on the physical components, and will also be better for the battery's prolonged health.

Are magnetic chargers universal?

The best magnetic charger cable available on the market, come with interchangeable connectors, which makes them good to use with different devices. Hence, we advise you to replace your standard non-magnetic for a universal magnetic charging cable for all USB C, Lightning (Apple) & Micro USB Android devices. 

Final Words

Technology as a whole has evolved substantially in the past decades and no other area has become more prominent, than the field of mobile devices and the technology that goes into to. While started off by Apple in the form of MagSafe charging technology, the best magnetic charger cables have come a long way for juicing up mobile devices. Apple may no longer offer magnetic phone charger cables, but you can find plenty of third-party manufacturers who are offering rapid charging cables for Android, as well as iOS devices.Which of the premium charging magnetic cables from the list above is going to be your next buy? Do you think mobile manufacturers should introduce magnetic phone charger right out of the box? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section right down below, we'd love to hear back from you.

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What's my model number?

There are several ways to locate your model number:

Option 1
On your device, go to Settings, then "About device" and scroll down to "Model number"
Option 2
Often times you can view the model number inside the device, by removing the battery
Option 3
Using Samsung's model/serial number location tool

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