Are you looking for a fully immersive portable gaming experience with the best Android RPG titles to try out right now? Here’s our list of the best role-playing games that you can find on the Google Play Store ranked for you to choose from.

In today’s day and age, it may seem impossible to even think of such a time, but there did such a time exist when mobile gaming was not an actively pursued genre. The earliest versions of smartphones could barely keep up with network connectivity standards and house multimedia features. But the evolution of mobile hardware ushered in a new era of mobile gaming which has now become a focus for big brands in the gaming business. While racing, puzzle-solving, and first-person shooter games have naturally found a spot on mobile devices, it has taken some crafty execution to bring the best Android RPG titles to life.

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Best Android RPG Titles to Play

Despite the smaller screen size compared to their desktop counterparts, role-playing games have become an instant success on the portable mobile platform. A large number of popular RPGs of the desktop version have been remastered for Android OS, which are available officially on the Google Play Store. From recreated versions of the most popular RPGs, to independent releases that will make your mind blend in with the characters, here’s a list of some of the best RPGs that you can download on your Android device right now.


This action RPG is built with the classic elements of what RPG titles from the retro era were based on, but also blending in improved visuals and design. Choose your character as a Mage, a Warrior, or a Bounty Hunter with your very own choice of weapon, and set forth a journey that is filled with skeleton monsters, zombies, dragons, aliens and other gnarly creatures that you must battle out. Pair up with fellow healer, tank, and ranger companions to venture across forests, dungeons, spooky caves and more, as you progress to unlock legendary gear and develop fighting abilities along the way.

Download Eternium from the Google Play Store

2. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Undoubtedly the most popular name that has ever existed in the realm of role-playing games, SQUARE ENIX has ported every Final Fantasy game title to Android. However, none of them is designed for a mobile RPG experience the way Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is, bringing to life the Tale of the Chosen King. With simplified tap controls that are ingrained into the gameplay and 10 different chapters to keep you indulged entirely for hours at a stretch, accompany the Chosen King in epic battles as he fights to reclaim his rightful throne.

Download Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition from the Google Play Store

3. Reigns: Game of Thrones

Ever wished that you too could live in the mystical land of Westeros and contend with the Great Houses of Lannister, Stark, Targaryen, and others for the Iron Throne? Reigns: Game of Thrones is your opportunity to reshape the destiny of the Seven Kingdoms as you choose your House and rule the people either with the hand of mercy or with an iron fist to crush those might stand against you. With easy swipe gestures to control the gameplay and an exciting storyline, you can even set some time aside for fun mini game such as tavern brawls and jousting to take the edge off in this best Android RPG title.

Download Reigns: Game of Thrones from the Google Play Store

4. Another Eden

If you’re a die-hard fan of the Japanese RPG scene, then Another Eden is a game title on Android that you simply cannot skip. This time and space RPG warps you through the past and the future as you attempt to protect your beloved sister from the clutches of evil. Designed with skillful mechanics and combat design to keep you inclined towards spending hours into the storyline, you can choose to follow the campaign mode, and is designed to keep things simple for the enthusiasts who are just beginning with the RPG scene.

Download Another Eden from the Google Play Store

5. Crashlands

If you’re tired of looking for the best Android RPG that only revolves around the mystical realm want a new take on the genre, then Crashlands is just what you need. Take the life of Flux Dabes, a galactic trucker who is left stranded on an alien planet and needs to find his way back home, while retrieving packages that he lost, thanks to the evil menace Hewgodooko. On your journey, you shall discover more about the local species, uncover secrets and fight deadly bosses, while making some great new alien friends along the way.

Download Crashlands from the Google Play Store

6. Star Wars: KOTOR

Back in the day when Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic made its way to PC and console gaming, it set a new standard for role-playing games. The same experience is now available on the smaller screen, which includes a long list of iconic characters, undiscovered planets, multi-terrain vehicles and so much more. As a Jedi Knight, you have the power within your to learn how to use the Force and even build your own Lightsaber with 40 different power moves to unlock. Travel across the vastness of space to uncover secrets of the Old Republic, and prepare to fight the Dark Side.

Download Star Wars: KOTOR from the Google Play Store

7. Fire Emblem Heroes

What makes Fire Emblem easily one of the best Android RPG titles available is the sheer reputation that Nintendo has created for the series for more than two decades. The mobile adaption of Fire Emblem comes with its very own original story that is packed with unique characters that you can choose from and wide variety of old-screen Heroes from the Fire Emblem story world, all of which come together for more than 700 different story stages. From intense battles on the field and upgradable abilities for the Heroes, Fire Emblem Heroes will take you to a different plane of existence.

Download Fire Emblem Heroes from the Google Play Store

8. Darkness Rises

While most of the modern RPGs on computer and consoles are packed with high-octane graphics, most of the Android RPG titles stick to the basics. However, when your play Darkness Rises, you won’t be missing out on much when it comes to the revolutionary Action RPG graphics, gameplay, and detailing that we’ve only come to expect on the big screen. As you carve your way through an army of demons and monsters, the single-player RPG mode helps you go solo on the conquest and explore different levels of the dungeons. But the real party begins when you join your fellow warriors and form a guild and raid dungeons on this epic journey.

Download Darkness Rises from the Google Play Store

9. Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys

If you’re a true Rick and Morty fan who is all about that “Wubba lubba dub dub” life, then the Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys RPG is the one for you. It’s a crazy universe out there, and with more than 70 different, odd and bizarre Morty clones out there, it is about to get crazier. Choose the best ones out there and assemble your squad to battle it out, and you’re the one who commands to all. As you warp across the multiverse, meet those iconic characters from the show such as Bird Person, Mr. Meeseeks and many others, as you stand a chance to win Blips, Chitz, and many others.

Download Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys from the Google Play Store

10. Monster Hunter Stories

If you enjoyed the premiere release of Monster Hunter Stories on the Nintendo 3DS and don’t mind shelling out a premium amount to enjoy one of the best Android RPG titles, then the mobile adaptation is here for you to relish. Roam across the large unchartered world where people make a living by hunting for beasts and live in villages with their own odd customs. Instead of becoming a hunter, you choose to become a Monster Rider, forming a bond with the help of Kinship Stones. It is your chance now to recruit as many “Monsties” as you possibly can and do it all with beautiful graphics and a vivid storyline.

Download Monster Hunter Stories from the Google Play Store

Final Words

In less than a decade of the smartphone revolution, the lines between gaming on mobile and on computers or consoles is quickly thinning down. With the help of better hardware that brings in more firepower, along with vested interest of game developers, we’re finally able to see the rise of the mobile gaming industry and creation of genres such as role-playing games. Out of the dozens of game titles that are available for you to choose from, we’ve handpicked the 10 most exciting ones and complied the list above for you to try out and get the best Android RPG action right now.

Which of the role-playing games mentioned above is sure to find a permanent place on your Android device right away? Have we missed out on a great title that definitely deserves to be on the list? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section right down below.

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