Samsung has always been popular for managing the security of its devices, and rightfully so, it is known to be the king of security updates. No surprises, it managed to stand tall and justify the tag for very long. Although there are a couple of firmware updates from the other two big guns of the software industry, it has been all about Samsung this week. With that being said, let us quickly look at the devices we've lined up for today before jumping into the detailed overview of the latest firmware updates.

Which Devices are in today's news round-up?


Samsung Galaxy A51, Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+, S21 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy A20, Samsung Galaxy A6, Samsung Galaxy A52, Samsung Galaxy XCover 4s, Samsung J3, Samsung J7, Samsung A10e, Samsung Galaxy A72


GTS 2e, GTR 2e




Android 11 based One UI 3.1 Rolls Out for Samsung Galaxy A51

The unlocked Samsung Galaxy A51 in the US are receiving an update for the new UI 3.1 with Android 11. The update is built around the firmware version A515U1UEU5CUF1. Besides the new UI, the update brings the 2021 June security patch. Further, the new update bags a few modifications here and there.

A few changes include:

  • Optimizations and improvements in the features of Samsung apps
  • Introduction of Eye Comfort Shield as a replacement for the Blue light filter.
  • Improvement in parental controls
  • Improvement in dark mode
  • Optimization in Digital Wellbeing
  • Removing location data from photos is made simple, right away from the gallery app.

Camera Updates for Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra

Samsung has been busy rolling out security patches for its flagships, and things are pretty similar this month as well. The US-based Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra are set to receive a new firmware with June security updates. Although a bit late, the new firmware with version number G99XUSQU4AUF5 is home to certain camera improvements as well.

List of major improvements:

  • Fixed a few camera lag issues
  • Optimized portrait mode with the introduction of QR scanning facility directly from the built-in gallery app
  • Improvement in the video call effects
  • Resolved overheating issues.

As of now, the update is exclusive for Comcast Xfinity Mobile and Verizon version of devices. However, it is expected that the other carriers in the US will see the update in two weeks or so.

The New One UI 3.1 is Live for Samsung Galaxy A20

Finally, a piece of good news for Samsung Galaxy A20 users. The 2019 released devices that were getting Android 11 based One UI 3.1 in Russia have now reached India's devices. The new firmware comes with build number A205FXXUACUF3 and brings the latest June security path with it. Moreover, you can well expect all the newbies from Android 11, including the likes of one-time permissions, chat bubbles, and more.

Samsung Galaxy A6 Gets May Security Update

With the build number A600GNUBU9CUE3, Samsung has released a new firmware for its Galaxy A6 devices in the US and Colombia. The new update is home to the May 2021 security patch, and you can easily get that by navigating to the "System Update" menu under settings.

New Update for Samsung Galaxy A52 with Various Improvements

Do you own the Samsung Galaxy A52? Well, this week holds something nice for your device. Samsung recently came up with a new version of firmware for its Galaxy A52 devices. The version build around A52FXXU2AUF3 is currently seeding for 4G variants, and the 5G models are expected to hit up the scene real soon.

Major improvements and changes:

  • Improvements in the stability of face recognition feature
  • The update enables a user to remaster photos right from the Gallery app
  • Optimizations to the overall stability of the camera
  • Improved camera quality
  • Call quality enhancement

The Samsung Galaxy XCover 4s Gets Android 11

The Samsung Galaxy XCover 4S devices in Poland has recently started bagging a new One UI 3.1 based on Android 11. The new firmware corresponding to version number G398FNXXUXXUF4 sets the devices surety to the latest June 2021 patch. Besides bringing changes to the security and other essential features that focus majorly on the Android 11 goodies, including chat bubbles, one-time permissions and more, the new firmware also catches the following elements as we advance.

  • Removing location data from images made easy
  • Introduction of more dynamic lock screen options
  • Improvement in the Samsung apps and also the official keyboard
  • A more optimized Digital Wellbeing
  • The recent update sees a new design for the official "Device Care" menu.

More Samsung Devices are Getting the June Security 2021 Patch

  • Galaxy J3: J330FNXXS4CUF1 (Version Number), Currently Seeding: Worldwide
  • Galaxy A10e: A102US1SBBUF6 (Version Number), Currently Seeding: US
  • Galaxy A72: A725FXXU2AUF3 (Version Number), Currently Seeding: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan
  • Galaxy J7: J730GMUBSCCUF3 (Version Number), Currently Seeding: Mexico


Alexa will now Feature on Amazfit GTS 2e and GTR 2e.

To date, you've been probably working with an offline voice assistant to look after a few features of the Amazfit GTS 2e and GTR 2e smartwatches. However, both these wearables in India are getting Alexa support to make sure you can control your device more flexibly. From getting in touch with your device to play media and set the alarm to getting regular updates from the sports world, weather and the traffic around you, everything now holds more possibilities with the introduction of a new online voice assistant.

To get the update, all you need to do is get yourself into the official Zepp app and look for the version firmware. Once you're done installing, using Alexa is quite straightforward as well. First, go to your profile in the Zepp app and head over to the "Add Accounts" option. Next, you'll need to click on the "Amazon Alexa" login to your Amazon account and follow along.


The Apple AirTags Get a New Update

Apple recently rolled out an updated version for the 1.0.276 built firmware of AirTags. The new update focuses on improvements in the anti-stalking features. The update scenario in AirTags is not like the typical smartphones where you've got a dedicated section to look for and manage a new version of the firmware. For that matter of fact, you'll need to wait for the update to get automatically installed.

A Quick Round-Up

  • Android 11 based One UI 3.1 Rolls Out for Samsung Galaxy A51
  • Camera Updates for Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra
  • The New One UI 3.1 is Live for Samsung Galaxy A20
  • Samsung Galaxy A6 Gets May Security Update
  • New Update for Samsung Galaxy A52 with Various Improvements
  • The Samsung Galaxy XCover 4s Gets Android 11
  • June Security Patch are out for Galaxy J3, Galaxy A10e, Galaxy A72, Galaxy J7
  • Alexa will now Feature on Amazfit GTS 2e and GTR 2e
  • The Apple AirTags Get a New Update

Final Words

This wraps up this weeks' firmware news. Make sure you let us know which you feel is real hot and which is not. Also, with us approaching the month of July, preparations are hard for amazing updates worldwide. You shouldn't miss out on those and hence get your timings right and join us every week.

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Using Samsung's model/serial number location tool

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