As if things weren't bad enough for people with Luminas. Well, it looks like Microsoft broke its promise to Lumina users again. But not to worry, barely anyone noticed since almost no one is using Windows Phone anyway. Not hating, though - I actually own a Lumina myself. More on that sad story below...

Microsoft tells Lumina users "We're just not that into you"

It seems even Microsoft is over their Lumina phones. The once-promising mobile ecosystem suffered another misstep as millions of users (yes, believe it or not, millions of misguided people, including myself, actually own these phones) have been told their Lumina phones might not be eligible for the Windows 10 upgrade they were promised.

What’s in an OS?

I downloaded Windows 10 to my fledgling little Lumina 635, and in truth, it’s all much ado about nothing. Yes, obviously it’s always a good idea to run the most recent OS on any device, but in reality, most people only notice the cosmetic differences, while the under the hood performance upgrades largely go unnoticed.

That guy who never called is probably using a Lumina

It’s not his fault. He’s no scoundrel. It’s those rotten overlords at Microsoft’s fault. Believe it or not, I actually have a Windows phone. But before your collective gasps suck all the air outta the atmosphere, I got it more as a professional research tool, or at least that’s the story I’m sticking with.

Good news, they’re cheap

If your Lumina isn’t eligible for the Windows 10 upgrade, then perhaps it’s just time for a new phone. Luminas are cheap for a reason. I got mine free and don’t even have it registered with a carrier. I turned off virtually everything and just use it as a WiFi device for gaming.

Nearing extinction

If you’re feeling left out in the cold of the mobile revolution, not to worry, you’re probably rubbing elbows with all the other disgruntled Lumina users. Microsoft will never get Windows Phone off the ground until more mobile manufacturers jump aboard.

What's Next: Toss Lumina users a bone, Microsoft

Perhaps Microsoft’s best bet at salvaging Windows Phone is to try and revolutionize the mobile industry by offering users that magic something no other carrier can. What that “special something” is exactly, remains Microsoft’s to discover.Perhaps it’s a truly viable no-contract phone. Or an unlocked device that can run multiple operating systems. I’ve got a weird tablet from China with a dual boot Windows/Android OS that just might be what Lumina needs. Or perhaps they could start by dispensing with all the broken promises.

Make a list and check it twice

Check this list to see if your beloved Lumina is one of the lucky ones eligible for the Windows 10 upgrade. Alternatively, you can also visit the Microsoft Store and download the Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor app to your phone, and it’ll tell you if your phone is eligible. Or you could just check this handy list:

Supported phones for Windows 10 Mobile Upgrade

  • Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL
  • BLU Win HD W510U
  • BLU Win HD LTE X150Q
  • Lumia 430
  • Lumia 435
  • Lumia 532
  • Lumia 535
  • Lumia 540
  • Lumia 550
  • Lumia 635 (1GB)
  • Lumia 636 (1GB)
  • Lumia 638 (1GB)
  • Lumia 640
  • Lumia 640 XL
  • Lumia 650
  • Lumia 730
  • Lumia 735
  • Lumia 830
  • Lumia 930
  • Lumia 950
  • Lumia 950 XL
  • Lumia 1520
  • MCJ Madosma Q501
  • Xiaomi Mi4

Lights out, Lumina

Do you own a Windows Phone? Did you get the upgrade? Regale us with your reasoning or tales of woe in the comments below. Don’t worry, no one will hold it against you; you’ve been through enough already just owning a Windows Phone.

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