This week, on our weekly news roundup: Huawei officially confirms that making an operating system is not on their list yet, multiple teasers from various vendors are on the rise, and more!

The Razer Phone 2 will be almost exactly the same as its predecessor?

A new render posted by Android Headlines shows us the Razer Phone 2. Frankly speaking, this looks almost the same as the original Razer Phone.The original Razer Phone is on the left and the Razer Phone 2 is on the right. We can see a slightly different camera and the bezels look slightly bigger than the original device. However, everything else is almost exactly identical.Both of these devices seem to be at the same size. So, we can probably safely assume that the display will be at the same size. We don't know about the resolution and display technology that will be used, though.We also don't have any official information on specifications but you can probably expect the Razor Phone 2 to be a little bit beefier than its predecessor.While no reveal date has been announced, the date that is displayed on the render above may be hinting that the device will be announced on the 10th of October.That's all for now. We'll keep you updated if anything else comes up.

October will be full of smartphone reveals the above video, you can see the LG V40 ThinQ teaser video. Not much can be concluded from it except that maybe this device will have great zooming capabilities. The LG V40 ThinQ is set to be revealed on the 4th of October.However, LG is not the only ones who'll be revealing new devices. We already know that Google and Huawei will also show us a new lineup.Google will reveal the new Pixel smartphones and Huawei its Mate 20 lineup. We don't have much information on what these devices will have yet - that is unless you can make an exception for various non-official leaks.

The Inbox app from Google will be discontinued in the March of 2019

Inbox, by Gmail, is another version sort of version of Gmail which focuses on the most important stuff with highlights, bundles, and reminders.Google has now decided to discontinue Inbox by the end of the March of 2019. The reason? Here's what Google said:
"Four years after launching Inbox in 2014, we've learned a lot about how to make email better—and we’ve taken popular Inbox experiences and added them into Gmail to help more than a billion people get more done with their emails everyday. As we look to the future, we want to take a more focused approach that will help us bring the best email experience to everyone. As a result, we’re planning to focus solely on Gmail and say goodbye to Inbox by Gmail at the end of March 2019."
So, by looking at what Google said, we can kinda assume that in the future, Gmail will have everything that Inbox has and more. So, maybe there's really no reason to feel about this?

The first Pixel 3 teaser is here

By visiting Google's Store page, you can find this sort of product which has nothing but the number 3 drawn on it in the form of an image and if you sign up for what seems to be Google's newsletter then you'll get updates for it.Judging by the number 3 and the announcement date, one can easily understand how this is a sort off Pixel 3 teaser. In fact, it's the first teaser that we've ever got. We'll keep you updated if we find out anything else.

Huawei Mate 20: new teasers are out

Huawei has posted a total of 4 new teasers on their Twitter account. You can see one of them below."A higher intelligence is coming." Can't help but wonder what that means. Could it be a new camera AI? A new voice assistant perhaps? Both? Something else?Huawei clearly doesn't intend on answering any questions as they always reply by saying that we should watch the live reveal to find out the details.The other 3 teasers seem like nothing more but a big "thank you" to those who support the company. However, some people do believe that Huawei was simply intending to steal the attention from Apple because the teasers were posted while Apple was revealing their new iPhones.Could that be true? Well, we'll let you be the judge of that.

Huawei is not making its own operating system

Lots of rumors were saying that Huawei was working on creating their own operating system. However, Dr. Wang Chenglu- President of Huawei’s Consumer Business Software Engineering Department, mentioned that there are no such plans at the moment.The reason? Turns out that creating an OS isn't that hard for Huawei. The challenge is on making it compatible with other apps and getting developers to actually create and optimize their applications for that new OS.That's definitely not an easy thing to do. After all, Google and Apple already support thousands and thousands of apps. Google with Android - Apple with iOS.Nowadays, an operating system without support for 3rd party apps won't be any good at all. We already saw that happening with the Windows Phone operating system from Microsoft and the Tizen OS from Samsung.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro: photo of a dummy unit leaks out?

There is still a little bit less than a month till the official reveal of the Huawei Mate 20 series. With that being said, leaks were expected. So, here's one.In this photo, we can clearly see how the phone will look from the front view. The bezels are incredibly thin - save for the notch on the top.The whole design also has a bit of a Samsung feel to it. Maybe because of the slight curve that there is on the sides? Not sure.As for the authenticity of this image, well, regardless of how real this looks, let's not forget that it's nothing but a non-official leak. Take it with a grain of salt.Do feel like we missed something important? Then please let us and the whole world know about it in the comments section down below.Like what you see? Then don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news, reviews, listings, and more!

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