This week, on our weekly news roundup: Huawei hopes that they'll manage to overcome Samsung as the world's biggest phone manufacturer by 2020, a screen protector for the Galaxy S10 indicatest that it'll actually have no notch whatsoever, and more!

The upcoming OnePlus 5G phone will cost $100 more

We've got both good news and bad phones. The good news is that 5G isn't that far away as OnePlus is already working on a 5G smartphone. The bad news is that this phone will cost $100 more than the OnePlus 6T.Of course, at this point, this is just a rumor. But, this case scenario looks very plausible. After all, can you blame a manufacturer for charging extra when delivering new technology? Just wait until Samsung's foldable phone finally gets officially revealed.If you don't know about 5G, well, it's expected to be an upgrade over 4G in basically every way. Except, probably, battery consumption as that didn't go too well with 4G over 3G.5G is going to be faster and more reliable. To be more precise, the minimum download speeds are expected to be about 1GBps. And that's only for the minimum.Now, of course, with transfer speeds like these, data rates and the processing power of smartphones are the only limitations right now. After all, with 5G speeds, you would consume a 1GB data plan in a matter of seconds.So, maybe the next upgrade should come from data carriers and not phone manufacturers.

Even more Pixel bugs coming in

This is becoming more of a running joke rather than a headline of our weekly news. Just one more week with bug reports from Pixel 3/XL users.First, it was about screen flickering issues, overheating, text messages disappearing, a second notch coming up out of nowhere, and even more. Now what?Apparently, some users are having their camera app crash on them and they can't fix it no matter what. Not by rebooting, not by a factory reset, not with anything.All of these bugs and issues are almost inexcusable when coming from a company that's as big as Google. We're talking about a multi-billion company which has published Android as we know it here.In any case, the good news is that Google is working on a software fix for this issue. Also, some people even got a free replacement after reporting this issue.So, if you're also experiencing this problem with your Pixel camera, you may be able to get a free replacement for your faulty device. If not, chances are that a software update will indeed fix this as the problem seems to be more about the camera app/software rather than the actual camera of the phone.The main trigger for this crash seems to be 3rd party apps that use the camera. So, technically speaking, you should be able to get rid of it by uninstalling 3rd party programs that use your camera.However, this would include Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, and various others apps that are present on almost every smartphone. So, tough luck.

Rumor/potential leak: the Galaxy S10 will feature new M9 OLED display technology

As we previously saw last week, the Galaxy S10 will come with the Infinity-O display. The Infinity-O display basically uses a hole on the screen instead of a notch.How do you like the idea of two holes on your screen instead of only one? New information suggests that the S10 won't only have one hole for the camera, but another one for the proximity sensor.Other than that, the S10 will have an M9 OLED display technology which is different than the older generation. But, is it better? That remains to be seen.Furthermore, other rumors suggest that we'll have at least two Galaxy S10 variants with one of them having a flat screen instead of a curved one as we're used to. The other variant will likely be the standard curved display that Samsung uses - again, most likely with the Infinity-O display.Still, all of that information is nothing but rumors and supposedly leaks. Don't take any of that for granted. The only way to truly find out how the S10 will look like is to wait until it officially gets revealed.That's all we've got for now. We'll keep you updated if we find out anything else!

Huawei: "we may be able to become the world's number one smartphone manufacturer by 2020"

It wasn't too long ago that Huawei surpassed Apple in market share. Not it's the world's second-biggest phone manufacturer.Meanwhile, Huawei's market share may be increasing, but, at the same time, Samsung is losing ground. If this keeps up, then maybe, just maybe, Huawei will eventually surpass Samsung.Richard Yu - CEO of Huawei's consumer division, said exactly that. Huawei hopes that by 2020, they'll be the world's biggest phone manufacturer. To put it word by word:
"Next year, we will be very close to number one, maybe we will be on par with Samsung. And at least the year after, maybe we have a chance (to be number one), the year 2020"
So, yeah. There you have it. In our opinion, if Huawei wants to get the first place, then they need to officially get into the USA market.That's certainly a very hard thing to do when the government blames you for spying. But, hopefully, this issue will be resolved and those who wish to get their hands on a Huawei device will be able to do so without the struggles of importing a phone.What do you think about all this? Is Huawei really going to surpass Samsung and become the world's biggest phone manufacturer? Please let us know in the comments section down below!

Screen protector of the Galaxy S10 indicates that it'll actually be bezel-less? information suggested that the Galaxy S10 will come with the Infinity-O display. If you don't know about it, the Infinity-O display has some sort of 'hole' in the display and that houses the camera.However, this recent Tweet that you can see above suggests that the phone will be almost bezel-less. After all, by looking at that screen protector, you can't see a hole or a notch anywhere.So, maybe the Galaxy S10 will indeed come with a camera hidden under the display? Or is it going to have some sort of sliding mechanism like the Mi Mix 3?Furthermore, there is a chance that this is a completely new technology that gets rid of the notch. After all, when Samsung showcased their new displays, one of them had a completely bezel-less design.The rest of the technology isn't all that hard to guess. We've already seen other smartphones using screen vibrations for producing sound and the proximity sensor can get hidden under the display.The only thing that remains is to see Samsung's approach with the camera. In any case, all we have for now is leaks and rumors. So, as always, do take all of that information with a grain of salt.After all, as you just saw, leaks and rumors will often contradict each other and it's hard to know which ones to trust. If we come across anything else that's interesting, we'll let you know!

The Galaxy M2 may have a notch

First, it was the S10. Now, a completely new series. The render above showcases the Samsung Galaxy M2. And as you can see, it has a notch.Well, to be fair, it's not exactly a notch. It's a bit too small for a notch. This seems to be the Infinity-U display maybe? Still, the concept remains the same.But, this may be an indication that Samsung will keep the "notch" family on a different series of phones. Maybe the  S10 will be the bezel-less or standard phone and the M series will be the one to utilize the new display designs from Samsung.In any case, until we get official information, all we can do is listen to the rumors and make assumptions. Everything mentioned here is to be taken with a huge bucket of salt.Seems like the vast majority of this roundup is just rumors lately. Ha! Maybe we should change it to weekly rumors roundup - which doesn't sound too bad, to be honest. (writes that down)

Certain Galaxy Note 9 units are facing issues with the rear camera

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is without a doubt one of the best smartphones that we've ever seen. It's all around a great device and Samsung's latest flagship.It may be a flagship, but that doesn't mean that it won't have any bugs because of that. Let's not forget that, apparently, this is not only true for the Note 9, but also for the Pixel 3 and to a much higher degree at that. After all, we've been getting reports of Pixel 3 issues by the bucket.Thankfully, the Note 9 is not on that scale. The only major issue that has been reported as of recently is that the phone/rear camera will sometimes freeze while taking pictures or recording videos.Samsung has mentioned that they are already working on an update which will fix that. No mention has been made as to when that update will be delivered but we can assume that it won't take too long.This bug seems to only affect the Snapdragon variant of the Note 9 which is mostly for the US and Korea market. So, if you're one of the few people who are experiencing this bug, then rest assured as you're likely to receive a fix for it very soon.

Tumblr app gets deleted from the App Store due to child pornography

Apple recently removed Tumblr from the App Store because, apparently, some users had uploaded child pornography into it and the content wasn't deleted/banned. You may think that this doesn't affect us, Android users, but it does.Because of that incident, Tumblr started deleting NSFW accounts left and right without giving a damn on if that account actually contained child pornography or not. So, if you have an account that contains NSFW content, then you may get banned/deactivated.In fact, if you check Tumblr in the Google Play Store, then you'll notice that negative 1-star reviews are raining down on it because of the deletion of various NSFW accounts.Don't get us wrong. Child pornography is a serious issue that needs to be handled. But, that's not the way to do it. Especially when some NSFW marked accounts are not really NSFW.Anyhow, we hope that Tumblr will listen to their users and restore the wrongfully banned/deactivated accounts.Feel like we forgot to mention something important? Got something wrong? Then let us and everyone else know about it in the comments section down below!Like what you see? Then don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news, reviews, listicles, apps, games, devices, how-to guides, and more!

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