As the week comes close to an end, Samsung is still pushing out another batch of updates for its massive line-up. With new devices launching every few months in different regions across the world, it is no surprise that the South-Korean tech giant is always pushing out Samsung firmware updates for Galaxy devices.The latest batch of updates includes devices from across the globe, which includes Galaxy smartphones and tablets as well. The Samsung firmware updates in this batch include entire software updates, security patches, and regulatory updates with bug fixes and optimizations.However, some of the noteworthy updates come for the Galaxy Tab S, which is finally receiving Android 6.0 Marshmallow. While the software update is restricted to regions like Australia and Singapore for now, it is expected to roll out incrementally later on.The batch of Samsung firmware updates also includes the Marshmallow update for Galaxy A3. The software update is currently out for Europe and Australia, but you can expect it to reach other regions soon. To find out if your device has received Samsung firmware updates, you can manually check through Settings->About phone->Software update->Check for updates.However, if you are among the unfortunate who haven’t received the latest updates despite the same being released in other regions, there is a way around it. Head over to the Updato Samsung firmware platform and have a look at thousands of Samsung firmware updates.This service will help you get your hands on the latest firmware files for absolutely free. Do let us know what update have you received from Samsung this week down below in the comments section.
Country (Product Code)ModelModel NameVersionPDA
Argentina(ARO)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S5.0.2T800XXU1BOL1
Australia(XSA)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S5.0.2T800XXU1BOJ1
Australia(XSA)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S6.0.1T800XXU1CPHC
Australia (Telstra)(TEL)SM-G930FGalaxy S76.0.1G930FXXU1BPHG
Australia (Telstra)(TEL)SM-G935FGalaxy S7 edge6.0.1G935FXXU1BPHG
Austria (T-Mobile)(MAX)SM-A300FUGALAXY A35.0.2A300FUXXS1BPE1
Austria (Telering)(TRG)SM-A300FUGALAXY A35.0.2A300FUXXS1BPE1
Bulgaria (VVT)(VVT)GT-I9060IGALAXY GRAND Neo Plus4.4.4I9060IXXU0AOI2
Croatia (T-Mobile)(CRO)SM-A300FUGALAXY A36.0.1A300FUXXU1CPG2
Croatia (T-Mobile)(CRO)SM-A300FUGALAXY A35.0.2A300FUXXS1BPE1
Czech Republic (T-Mobile)(TMZ)SM-A300FUGALAXY A35.0.2A300FUXXS1BPE1
Czech Republic (T-Mobile)(TMZ)SM-A300FUGALAXY A36.0.1A300FUXXU1CPG2
Czech Republic (Vodafone)(VDC)SM-A300FUGALAXY A35.0.2A300FUXXS1BPE1
Czech Republic (Vodafone)(VDC)SM-A300FUGALAXY A36.0.1A300FUXXU1CPH3
Germany (T-Mobile)(DTM)SM-A300FUGALAXY A36.0.1A300FUXXU1CPG2
Germany (T-Mobile)(DTM)SM-A300FUGALAXY A35.0.2A300FUXXS1BPE1
Greece (Cosmote)(COS)SM-T555GALAXY Tab A6.0.1T555XXU1BPE1
Greece (Cosmote)(COS)SM-A300FUGALAXY A36.0.1A300FUXXU1CPG2
Greece (Cosmote)(COS)SM-A300FUGALAXY A35.0.2A300FUXXS1BPE1
Greece (Vodafone)(VGR)SM-A300FUGALAXY A35.0.2A300FUXXS1BPE1
Greece (Vodafone)(VGR)SM-A300FUGALAXY A36.0.1A300FUXXU1CPH3
Hungary (T-mobile)(TMH)SM-A300FUGALAXY A36.0.1A300FUXXU1CPG2
Hungary (T-mobile)(TMH)SM-A300FUGALAXY A35.0.2A300FUXXS1BPE1
Italy (Wind)(WIN)SM-T555GALAXY Tab A5.0.2T555XXU1AOJ1
Italy (Wind)(WIN)SM-T555GALAXY Tab A6.0.1T555XXU1BPDA
Macedonia (T-Mobile)(MBM)SM-A300FUGALAXY A36.0.1A300FUXXU1CPG2
Macedonia (T-Mobile)(MBM)SM-A300FUGALAXY A35.0.2A300FUXXS1BPE1
Netherlands (T-Mobile)(TNL)SM-A300FUGALAXY A35.0.2A300FUXXS1BPE1
Panama(TPA)SM-T805GALAXY Tab S5.0.2T805XXU1BOL1
Panama(TPA)SM-T805GALAXY Tab S6.0.1T805XXU1CPHE
Poland (T-mobile)(TPL)SM-A300FUGALAXY A35.0.2A300FUXXS1BPE1
Romania (Cosmote)(COA)SM-A300FUGALAXY A35.0.2A300FUXXS1BPE1
Romania (Cosmote)(COA)SM-A300FUGALAXY A36.0.1A300FUXXU1CPG2
Romania (Orange)(ORO)SM-A510FGalaxy A5 ⑥6.0.1A510FXXU2BPH3
Saudi Arabia(KSA)SM-J110HGalaxy J1 ace4.4.4J110HXXU0APD3
Saudi Arabia(KSA)SM-T331GALAXY Tab44.4.2T331XXU1ANH2
Singapore(XSP)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S6.0.1T800XXU1CPHD
Singapore(XSP)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S5.0.2T800XXU1BOJ1
Slovakia(TMS)SM-A300FUGALAXY A35.0.2A300FUXXS1BPE1
Slovakia(TMS)SM-A300FUGALAXY A36.0.1A300FUXXU1CPG2
Slovenia (Si.mobil)(SIM)SM-A300FUGALAXY A35.0.2A300FUXXS1BPE1
Slovenia (Si.mobil)(SIM)SM-A300FUGALAXY A36.0.1A300FUXXU1CPH3

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What's my model number?

There are several ways to locate your model number:

Option 1
On your device, go to Settings, then "About device" and scroll down to "Model number"
Option 2
Often times you can view the model number inside the device, by removing the battery
Option 3
Using Samsung's model/serial number location tool

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