Do you use reddit? Do you want reddit gold? Grab their official apps this week to get it!After months of rumors that spoke about the upcoming official Reddit apps, the secret is finally out: Reddit is launching their own versions of the iOS and Android apps, both at once, and both coming with a surprise: 3 months of reddit gold, for free.

Reddit officially goes mobile

The apps were teased in an announcement yesterday… on Facebook, of all places. Really? You have a community with tens of millions of people, and you choose to give updates on Facebook? That’s weird.Weirdness aside, the official apps were released today and in just a couple of hours thousands of eager redditors have downloaded them. For Android, at least, this has been met with a lot of anticipation, and for many - disappointment. I’m in the same boat, as just minutes after the app went live I got greeted with this lovely message in the Play Store:
"This app is incompatible with all of your devices."
Yep, country restrictions only make it available in a handful of countries, and reddit users from all over the world are complaining about the lack of access in their area. What’s more, we don’t know if the launch is being rolled out gradually or if it will ever be available.announcement The stakes are high (not that high, around $12), because if you get the iOS or Android app you’ll get 3 months of reddit gold, for free. And there’s a good reason for this, too: unlike third party reddit apps, who make a Pro version available for a couple of bucks, reddit’s official apps require reddit gold for things like disabling advertising. As user /u/The_Middleman says:
"So they gift you three free months of Reddit Gold, but I actually don't like that, because Reddit Gold is the only way to disable the in-app advertising, and because of the free months, I have no clue whether the ads are too obtrusive or not.I imagine that's the idea -- first three months, "what a great app!" (Maybe.) Some people gradually cycle out their Relay or Sync installations in favor of the official app. Then, bam, the three months end, and suddenly your daily driver has ads that cost $3.99/mo to disable."
Bam indeed, The_Middleman, bam indeed. After years of reddit users asking themselves what gold was (the site option, not the precious metal), and why they should get it, the site finally comes with a use for gold and… it’s not that useful.Don’t get me wrong, had this been the first reddit app, buying gold would’ve been a sustainable business model and a ton of people (myself included) would have gladly paid $3.99/month for gold subscription in order to get a better redditing experience. But as it stands now… Why bother?Let me explain what I mean. Here’s what Reddit says about their app’s features on the mobile announcement page:
  • Browse and upvote the best of the web. This means you get access to subreddits and threads. Basic stuff, without it the app is just what, the user settings panel?
  • Join the discussion with millions of redditors. Yep, those are called comment sections and they’ve been around for a while.
  • Share images, articles, and your own stories. Okay, you get to post stuff. That should be a given, right?
  • Discover thousands of active communities. Again, browsing subreddits.
  • Customize your Reddit experience with themes. Ok, themes - this is one actual feature that some of the existing apps might not have.
So bottom line is that we have a basic reddit app that you have to subscribe to monthly, instead of paying for it once. My current reddit app, Sync for reddit, has a one time payment of $3.99 that gives you all of the official features, and then some. Other apps, like reddit is fun and Relay for reddit, and tons of other Android and iOS apps, do the same thing. At the end of the day, jump on board and get the official apps, grab the gold and give it a go. At worst, you’ll go back to your current app.What do you think about the official apps? Are they worth the gold?Image source:

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