The OnePlus 6 was recently launched as the company looks to iterate on the flagship killers that have shaped the mid-range smartphone market over the previous years. OnePlus touts its devices as those that offer flagship specs at a fraction of the price. One such feature that is present on some of the higher-end devices is waterproofing - so is the OnePlus 6 waterproof?The short answer, unfortunately, is no.With a 6.3-inch 19:9 OLED display, the OnePlus 6 was heavily rumored to feature the same waterproof rating as that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+, which are certified as IP68.

What is IP68?

IP (or Ingress Protection) ratings are used to define levels of sealing effectiveness for electrical devices against things like dirt and moisture. The numbers that follow the IP designation have a specific meaning, with the first number indicating the degree of protection from moving parts and enclosed equipment from foreign bodies. The second number defines the protection level from various forms of moisture. Therefore, a smartphone with a rating of IP68 is classified as dust-tight and protected against complete and continuous submersion in water.Don't Miss: Android firmware update roundup: Oreo for Galaxy, May security updates & moreThe iPhone X, for example, is certified as IP67; this indicates a dust-tight enclosure and is protected against brief immersion in water.

OnePlus 6 waterproof rating

Despite the OnePlus 6 rumored to feature an IP68 rating, the device was released without such certification. OnePlus states that the device has comparable water resistance to most modern flagship devices and was tested extensively. The key word here is water resistance which refers to being protected against brief encounters with water rather than full submersion. Despite the OnePlus 6 not gaining a specific IP rating, it is difficult to tell exactly what level the device is protected against. With OnePlus claiming the device is comparable to other high-end flagships, discounting Samsung Galaxy devices obviously, it is possible the OnePlus 6 is built to an IP67 standard but may be as low as IP66 that will really only protect against brief splashes of water.However, until confirmed by OnePlus, I wouldn't be using the device around water if I could help it.It seems that any device that is aimed at the higher-end of the spec sheet should as a minimum feature an IP68 rating. The fact that OnePlus hasn't tagged an IP rating to the OnePlus 6 is suspicious, to say the least. Is the device not even IP66? The lack of clarity around the OnePlus 6 waterproofing certainly falls short of almost every device on the market currently that has a documented IP rating.We'll keep an eye out to see if OnePlus clarify the uncertainty around the IP rating, but until told otherwise I would keep the OnePlus 6 away from any water, regardless of how brief it may be.Drop us a comment below - is waterproofing in an Android smartphone essential for you in your purchasing decision?

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Is the OnePlus 6 waterproof?

Is the OnePlus 6 waterproof?

Is the OnePlus 6 waterproof?

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