If group chat and Facebook groups had a baby, it would Google Spaces.Spaces is a tool that generates group discussions that are focused around a certain topic. This topic could be an event, link, video, photo, blog post, or something random – actually, pretty much anything you want.You can even add your contacts to the discussion to create a niche social network. Even better, the app makes adding content to the conversation a simple, seamless experience.

When can I get Google Spaces?

google-spacesRight now it’s undergoing beta testing (no public) in the Google Play Store. So, if you’re looking to binge out on a constant stream of Cat, epic fail, and Illuminati conspiracy videos, Spaces probably isn’t where you want to go (at least not yet).But if you want to engage and share in focused conversations with others about those specific topics, keep your eyes peeled for the Spaces launch, which could happen as early as this year.

"This is the future of social networking - creating your own network with hand-chosen content YOU are interested in, and only talking about it with the people you really want to."

 The big pull with Spaces is how easily you can use Google search to add content to conversations, and how seamless it will be to find content in your existing conversations.Even though Spaces seems pretty simple, it's actually revolutionary.

The future is now

Spaces is the future of social networking because it allows you to create more narrowed, niche conversations and networks.Your life is centered around the tribes you take part in:
  • Your favorite sports teams
  • Your favorite bands
  • The coffee shops and restaurants you frequent
  • The TV shows and movies you can't miss
  • The games you waste entire weekends binge-playing
Spaces will let you connect and share the most important parts of your life with the most significant people in a semi-private environment. It’s easier to show than to tell. Here’s 5 ways you’ll use Spaces in your daily life.

The top 5 ways you can use Spaces if it gets launched

1. Simplify group chat

You can easily keep up with information that has been shared with all your friends or family in a big group chat. You won’t have scroll endlessly look for links, images, or GIFs that have been posted, and it will be easy to add more content.

2. Geek out on GoT

game-of-thronesCan’t wait to discuss the epic plot twist in the latest episode of Game of Thrones? Share your reactions and theories with other raving fans.

3. Keep the party going

music-festivalIf you’re going to a sporting event or music festival, you can share your experience with the other attendees. In this way, the app is sort of like Twitter.

4. Game like you have nothing else to do

gamingNeed to strategize, review, and keep up with your Dota 2 clan on and off the battlefield? Use Google Spaces to stay in the loop.

5. Make work life almost fun (almost)

Do you like to stay in touch with your team when you’re out of work? Ditch the annoying group text messages and share using Google Spaces instead.

What's Next: Your tribe, your way.

This is the future of social networking - creating your own network with hand-chosen content YOU are interested in, and only talking about it with the people you really want to.The best part about these niche groups is that they’ll be exclusive. You won’t have the excess noise from all corners of the internet interrupting your conversations.Google Spaces is just the tip of the iceberg.

How would you use Google Spaces if it gets released?

Let us know in the comments below.

Image credits: veryshareimg.com, phandroid.com, abcnews.com, xbox.com, timeout.com

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