For years Google Maps has been a compass for travellers all around the world. With recent Google Maps updates, we have seen enhancements to the navigation options along with newly introduced Timeline settings. Due to the fact that Google Maps is constantly being updated, its easy to miss some of its great features, but here is a lowdown on what features to look for, and the tips and tricks you need to explore.

Google Maps 9.22: allows you to add stickers to the map and have your favorite places renamed

Google adds a new way to allow you to represent your home area in the form of a castle on the map. Google Maps now enables you to select an icon specially for your home or workplace. These can include either choosing a windmill, submarine or a castle. Once you pick an icon of your choice, the location will be displayed in the form of that icon on the map. Though the icon options are currently limited, we look forward to Google expanding or even refining their look.Also added to this update version is the ability to label businesses as well as locations. To do simply tap on a location to display its info screen, then press the three dotted options icon and the choose Add label. From here you can select whatever name you please for either your office, favorite hangout and even your home.Yet another new feature you can try out is checking out prices for taxis when you are headed to a certain direction. Simply press on the taxi icon, which will bring up the cost that you will incur to move to a specific destination using private transport such as Uber or other taxi services. Currently Google has partnered with a variety of taxi companies in countries such as India, Brazil, Spain, Germany and the UK.

Google Maps 9.20: Photo additions to reviews, enhancements to audio navigation options, new settings to Timeline

Now you can include photos whenever you add a review of an attraction site, business, or hotel via Google Maps to demonstrate the location. Google Maps also has comes with a capability to automatically attach photos taken at the location to your review, so you don't have to.You can access a Play voice during phone calls option through Settings >> Navigation settings. This feature comes enabled by default, so if you find the voices a bit distracting, you can disable it by heading into the settings.Street names and exits are now included in the Navigation mode, illustrating where they are, right on the map, rather than only within the bar found at the top of the screen, adding the convenience of quick scanning.Another minor update is the ability to include a stop on users' Maps Timeline. For instance if Google missed an area, then you can press the options tab and choose Add a place.

Google Maps 9.19: Brings Driving Mode, settings for the Timeline and audio options for navigation

Driving Mode can now be accessed using a shortcut, in addition to now being able to load up without the need to type in a destination. The mode does this by applying your previous location history as well as web searches to determine where you may be headed. It even adds feeds to your ETAs and traffic updates, while you're on the move.For easy access and the quick enabling and disabling, the audio button for voice navigation has been place to a much visible area on the Maps interface.The Timeline feature has also seen several improvements though minor, such as an option for toggling photos on or off, and another for determining how and if your past searches along with activities on the app, affect the accuracy of how selected locations are edited.Do you consider these new additions brought about by the Google Maps updates useful? What features do you hope to see from future updates? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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There are several ways to locate your model number:

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On your device, go to Settings, then "About device" and scroll down to "Model number"
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