You may be frustrated of spending hundreds of dollars to purchase the Galaxy S5 only to find that it is not working properly. We do understand your pain. Life isn’t fair; however, do not give up on your Galaxy S5 yet. With a little research, you can find a solution or a workaround. That is why we are here. Below is a roundup of common Samsung Galaxy S5 issues and fixes to keep your device up to date.

1. No Music Controls or Notifications on Lock Screen

Many people are frustrated by their music controls, notifications and other widgets disappearing or missing from the lock screen especially after the Android 5.0 Lollipop update.Solution
  • Go to Settings
  • On the Sound & Notifications, tap on ‘When device is locked’
  • Choose ‘ Show all notification content
In case the music controls are not back immediately, restart your smartphone.

2. Failure to Download Applications ‘Insufficient Storage Available’

This problem is common and most S5 users are complaining that their devices have available space yet the Galaxy S5 keeps displaying ‘Insufficient storage available’ when they try to install applications.Solution
  • Go to Settings then find Storage
  • If the internal storage is fully occupied and the space your device shows is from the microSD, transfer files from the internal storage to the microSD. Go to ‘Apps’ then to ‘My Files’ to the ‘Local storage’ to the ‘Device storage’. Select folders and files to move by ticking the boxes and then tap the Menu icon and tap Move then tap on ‘SD memory card. Find where you want to transfer then and tap ‘Move here’.
  • To stop the issue showing up frequently in the future, Set SD card to default for your camera app. Go to Apps to Camera to Settings and then to Storage, tap on memory card by default.
  • In case you find out that the internal storage is not full and you are getting the error notification about insufficient space then it is time to delete your entire cache. Turn you device off. Press and hold Home, Volume up and Power buttons together. Let go the buttons when you see the Samsung logo with the blue recover text. When the Recovery menu come up, use the Volume down button to scroll down and then choose wipe cache partition and press Power to select it. When it is done use the Volume buttons to highlight reboot system now, use Power to choose it and when the Galaxy S5 restarts your issue should be gone.

3. Echo on The Speaker

Some people have complained of an annoying echo on their Samsung Galaxy S5 speaker. For some, it is at the end while for others, the echo ­­is bothering the other caller during a call.Solutions
  • The very first thing to do is making sure it is not being caused by your Galaxy S5 case, remove it and see if it make a difference.
  • Blow the microphone or speaker depending on what the end the issue is on. Use a soft brush or compressed to make sure there is nothing stuck.
  • Go to settings then to Accessibilities to Vision and turn Talkback off to see if it helps.
  • Use a Bluetooth headset for a call to see if the issue persists. In case it does, then it is probably a network problem. Contact the carrier to see what they do have to offer.

4. Not Receiving Text Messages

Some S5 users have been having a lot of trouble receiving text messages on the Samsung Galaxy S5.Solutions
  • In case your previous smartphone was an iPhone, deregister iMessage. The links takes you to Apple guidelines. In case you’ve your iPhone then it is as simple as turning iMessage off in Settings then to messages.
  • Check whether the storage space is available. Go to Settings then to Storage.
  • Open up Messages app, tap Settings go to Text Messages then to Message center. Check with the carrier what the right number is.
  • If you have a different SMS application, uninstall it and start using the default.
  • In case none of these works contact the carrier.

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