This week, on our weekly firmware news roundup: Huawei promises to deliver Android Q to at least 11-14 of their devices, Galaxy Note 9 gets the camera night mode, and more

What's New This Week?


  • Android Pie for the V40 ThinQ is now arriving for the unlocked version and the European models as well


  • Android Q developer preview 2 for the Plus 7 series is here
  • Latest stable update for the OnePlus 7 Pro brings May's security patch


  • Huawei promises to deliver Android Q to 14 existing devices
  • Latest update for the P30 Pro brings camera improvements along with DC Dimming


  • Pocophone confirmed to get Android Q
  • App drawer is coming for Xiaomi devices


  • Galaxy A8 Star and J7 Pro are now receiving Android Pie in India
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 receives the latest Android security patch
  • Galaxy A10 and A2 Core are now receiving June's security patch as well
  • Galaxy Note 9 is now receiving the Camera Night Mode


LG V40 ThinQ

The V40 ThinQ had recently started receiving Android Pie including the various US carrier modified models. Now, the unlocked devices are receiving it as well along with various EU models.

At the moment, it's being delivered in various parts of Germany, Poland, Spain, and we expect that more regions will follow up soon enough. Apart from the latest version of Android, you also get May's security patch.

Do keep in mind that this is an OTA update - which means that some of you may have to wait for a while before receiving it. That's all for now.


OnePlus 7 Series

The 2nd Android Q developer preview is now here for the OnePlus 7 series is here. However, as the name suggests, this is still in early beta and that's why it's only recommended for, well, developers.

That being said, nobody is preventing you from trying it out yourself. But, do keep in mind that it's full of issues and bugs. Current known issues are:

  • Reading mode doesn't seem to work at all
  • Display mode either
  • Verification doesn't pop up in an anonymous Wi-Fi connection
  • Stability issues (Or at least a small chance that they'll be there - according to OnePlus that is)

OnePlus recommends to have at least a 30% charge before attempting to install the update. And again, do understand that every time you install a beta version, you're running the risk of coming across numerous bugs and issues.

OnePlus 7 Pro

Another update for the OnePlus 7 Pro is here and it brings May's security patch. Sure, it would be better if we got the latest security patch. But, this is still better than nothing.

Apart from that, this update also brings a few improvements to the touch sensitivity, Type-C compatibility, audio quality, and fixes an issue where the pop-up camera would come up on a video call even if the phone is locked.

So, the biggest change till now is that you'll basically have to tap a button on the screen every time you want to bring the camera up upon receiving a video call. This should prevent it from automatically coming up while your phone is in your pocket.

This update is available for both the 5G and 4G variants. It first came for the 5G version and now it's also available for the 4G one.


Multiple Devices

Huawei is certainly going through some very tough times. After all, it wasn't too long ago when the US banned Huawei from working with US based companies.

Many people, including us, have been wondering if this is the end of Huawei's relationship with Google and Android. And while that's still kind of unclear, Huawei at least promised to deliver Android Q, the next version of Android, to 14 existing devices.

That list officially includes the:

  • P30 series
  • Mate 20 Pro, 20, and 20X 5G
  • P20 series
  • And P Smart series

According to GSM Arena, the Honor 20 series is also going to receive Android Q. But, take that info with a grain of salt since only the above listicle is official.

At this point, we obviously can't know for how long these devices will be supported; or if they are going to be supported at all for that matter. But, we do know for sure that more Android Q betas are going to arrive very soon. So, stay tuned!

P30 Pro

Another update is here for the P30 Pro. This time, it brings DC Dimming along with a few camera improvements to the table.

Huawei doesn't specifically mention what differences it has made to the camera. Only that it's a bit improved now.

Apart from that, we're also looking at improvements on the fingerprint scanner and lower Bluetooth latency. Certainly not a huge deal, but still a welcome addition.

If you don't know what DC dimming is, well, instead of decreasing the refresh rate of the screen's backlight, it directly decreases the voltage which brings down the brightness while eliminating flicker. However, do keep in mind that DC Dimming in OLED displays and low brightness levels will make colors look a bit weird.



The Pocophone recently received May's security patch which weighs just a bit less than 400 megabytes. Certainly a shame that June's patch is not included. But, that's not what's important right now.

According to GSM Arena and other reputable sources, it turns out that Alvin Tse, global head of Pocophone, recently mentioned that this device will eventually get upgraded to Android Q. We didn't get a specific deadline/timeframe or anything like that.

Still, at the end of the day, we hope that this turns out to be true.


The Pocophone was the first Xiaomi device ever to come with an app drawer. As you probably already know, all Xiaomi phones come with an iPhone styled launcher where all the apps are placed on the home screen and you can't do much else about it.

Common solutions for those who wanted to change that were either using folders to place useless apps or 3rd party launchers. However, it seems like this is about to change.

According to XDA Developers, an Alpha build of the Xiaomi launcher actually contains an app drawer and support for shortcuts. And if it's already on the works, then chances are that everyone will eventually receive it.

We don't have any info on when it'll be ready. So, just sit tight for now. All we know is that it's currently unstable which means that trying it out at the moment is not the best of ideas.


Galaxy A8 Star And J7 Pro

The latest version of Android was already available for a few other countries in Europe, but not in India. That changes this week as both the Galaxy A8 Star and J7 Pro are now receiving their slice of Pie in India as well.

The A8 Star comes with the latest security patch while the J7 Pro offers May's. But, both of them should get more or less the same features along with the Android OS update.

To be more specific, you are looking at both Samsung's One UI and a few Pie features. Digital Wellbeing, Adaptive Battery, system-wide Night Mode, a quick toggle for Kids Mode, lift to wake gesture, and more!

This is an OTA update and if it's staged then it may take a while for all of you to get it. We don't have any info on how big it is. However, since it offers numerous new features and a whole new UI, it should weight at least a gigabyte.

That being said, before updating, don't forget to charge your phone and enable your Wi-Fi in order to avoid data charges.

Galaxy Note 8

Another update is here for the Galaxy Note 8 and it brings the latest Android security patch. Unfortunately, though, no additional features seem to be included. Only security enhancements.

We assume that the S8 series and the Note 8 won't receive the camera night mode. Their successors have already got it which means that if the older gen was about to get it as well then now would most likely be the appropriate time to do so. Alas, no camera night mode is anywhere to be seen.

At the moment, this update is being delivered to Iraq, Vietnam, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and Serbia; while more regions are expected to join the party pretty soon. If you live anywhere else and you got this patch, then let us know about it in the comments section down below!

Galaxy A10 And A2 Core

Apart from the Note 8, it seems like the Galaxy A10 and A2 Core are getting the June security patch as well. Mind you, this doesn't simply fix Android vulnerabilities, but also 11 Samsung-related issues as well.

It's currently being delivered to India and Iraq. But, we're expecting that it'll soon become available in other regions as well.

There is a chance that this will bring Telegram back to the A10 as well since a sort of bug with the file system has made it incompatible for a while now. So, let us know if it works for you now.

Note 9

Another update is here for the much beloved Galaxy Note 9 and this time, it brings the much awaited Camera Night Mode. As the name suggests, it's basically a feature for taking better shots in low-lighting conditions.

Apart from that, now you can also scan QR codes without having to rely on the Bixby Vision. It goes without saying that the June security patch is included as well. After all, imagine that mid-range devices would get the latest patch but one of the latest flagships wouldn't.

This update is currently being delivered OTA to Germany and chances are that more regions will join soon enough; if they haven't already. It weighs more than 700 megabytes, so, consider turning on your Wi-Fi.

According to SamMobile, the Camera's Night Mode works just as well as it does on the S10 series - which is obviously fantastic news. That's all for now.

Feel like we forgot to mention something important? Got anything wrong? Then let us and everyone else know about it in the comments section down below!

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