Everybody and their grandma has Facebook nowadays, which makes it more appealing for grandmas and less appealing for... everyone.No matter when you first jumped on Facebook - whether you were a part of the early adopters or any of the subsequent waves - you probably saw the same pattern.At first, Facebook was mostly young people sharing their private thoughts for their friends and the world to see.But in the years to come, everyone got a Facebook profile or page. Not only your aunt, but your aunt's cat and pet goldfish. That meant that the quality of posts on Facebook suffered overall, and you hear everyone complaining about Facebook lately - so who's left on there?Apparently, quite a lot of people. A comScore report shows that who we think Facebook users are, and who they actually are, are two different things.

Millennials aren't too cool for Facebook

Millennials were thought to have moved away from Facebook, but as this study shows we having left - not by a long shot.  Here's what the graph for Facebook engagement for the 18-34 age group looks like:comscore facebookSee Facebook on that graph? Neither did I on my first run. Check it out, all the way on the top right of the graph. Not only does the big book of faces have the highest penetration of all, but it draws in most time on the site of all social media sites. What else can we draw from the study? Here's what surprised me most:Does everyone spend a ton of time on Facebook? I mean... I always lurk there, but I assumed we don't all do it that often.
  • Vine is surprisingly low in adoption rates. Seriously, only 20% of people? Surely it should be higher than this.
  • Even though Google+ has fewer users than LinkedIn, it still draws you in for more minutes. Again, surprising, I've been trying to convince my friends to give G+ a try with no luck for years.
  • In terms of minutes spent on the site, Snapchat is trailing behind Facebook, leading by three times Snapchat's score. Guess endlessly refreshing a webpage does keep you glued to the screen more than a couple of seconds per video shared.

What’s next: The social network to keep your circles in order

As much as I’d like Google+ to succeed, I’m not getting my hopes up. However, G+ does implement one awesome feature that the social network of the future will have: a place to divide up your group of friends. We don't like just shouting in a megaphone for all to hear, and even though Facebook has this feature enabled, let's be honest - who uses it?So in the future we'll have a social network that allows us to connect with friends, family and colleagues - all separately. Even if this means that this network will be literally a network of social sites, each with its own well defined slice of our attention.What do you think of comScore's report? Is it right on or did you leap off Facebook long ago? Where do you hang out instead?Featured image: Americanpressintitute.org

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