Move over Facebook. There’s a new kid on the block in the social media world, and he's one ruckus-causing little punk.vTime is the very first social network that combines social media with virtual reality. vTime lets users socialize with anyone, anywhere, in virtual reality. Using just a virtual reality headset and your smartphone, vTime can be used to chat, meet, and interact with friends, family, and others in stunning virtual locales.The app allows the user to create an avatar and enter one of 12 vivid, virtual destinations with up to three other people. You’re not just controlling a character on a screen. It allows you to interact with people in the environment itself. vTime includes spatial audio and head-tracking features that allow the user to experience the “illusion of social presence."Starship, the company behind vTime, allows users to connect with real humans all over the world.

Why vTime trumps video chat by, like, a gazillion percent


By Skype via

Dude, I can totally see you! Can you see me too? (Said everyone using FaceTime or Skype for the first time).As it stands now, video conferencing is as close as we can get with each other without being in the same room. Virtual reality technology has several advantages over video conferencing apps like FaceTime and Skype.

1. Being together in space

Research shows that when you are not in the same space as someone you treat them differently. If you are near someone (or at least physically perceive being near them), you treat them better. When you are on a video call, you most likely have a different background than the person you are talking to. Your brain interprets this as you not being in the same room as them, and you're unable to make as strong of a connection.

2. Seeing people's body language

When you are sitting in front of a computer screen your body language is hidden since only your head and part of your upper body are being seen. The reduced movement can cause the two parties to feel a disconnect during conversation.

3. Making eye contact

When videoconferencing, you can either look at the person on the screen or look at the camera. You aren’t able to make eye contact with who you are talking to. Virtual reality would allow two people to create and maintain eye contact – a crucial part of human interaction

What's next: 5 ways to take VR beyond social


By AltspaceVR via

Virtual reality isn’t just for fun and games, though. With so much potential in this area, there's no point in merely using VR for gaming or social - even if vTime turns out to be the coolest social app ever.The virtual reality for business sector has been developing rapidly. Here are 5 ways that virtual reality could be used in the business world.

1. Interviewing

Human Resource departments could use virtual reality to interview candidates “in person” in a virtual meeting room. This could have an advantage over a phone interview because an interviewer could read the facial reaction and body language of an interviewee as they respond to questions. This would also cut down on the cost and logistics issues of an in-person meeting.

2. Training

With virtual reality, training sessions could be completed remotely. Attendees would be able to interact with objects in a training room and meet others in a virtual workspace.

3. Conflict resolution

Confrontations in the workplace are inevitable. Virtual reality can allow confrontations to take place but remove any risk bullying and the unfortunate threat of physical violence.

4. Meetings

With the increasing nature of remote work, it can be difficult to get everyone together for a meeting. Virtual reality would make it easier to get everyone in a conference room for a meeting. You could be anywhere in the world and still attend an important meeting.

5. Conferences

Instead of schlepping your way to a crowded convention center for your industry's next conference, virtual reality would allow you to see new products and meet the people behind them.

Uh, are we in The Matrix?


By Starship via

Could vTime one day replace human interaction? It’s an idea that is a scary thought, but at this point in time it doesn’t look like virtual reality will make us stop interacting with each other in the real world. However, vTime is an amazing advancement that is bridging the gap between social media, tech, and business.Have you tried vTime yet? What do you love/hate most about it?

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