Baseball is going to start using iPads to help managers use data to make better coaching decisions during games. Oooooooh, faaaancy. What is this, 2010?Honestly, it’s no surprise that baseball is still behind the tech curve. The sport as a whole is pretty resistant to change. The iPads will allow players, coaches, and team personnel to keep track of game data.

"Teams will be able sift through performance stats from current and past seasons, weigh potential pitcher-hitter matchups, look at “spray charts” showing where a player is likely to hit a ball, even cue up videos of plays from previous games."

Unlike the NFL-Microsoft deal, Apple isn’t requiring that its tablets be shown in use in the dugouts. MLB teams have the option of whether or not to use them.So, what other industries are benefiting from using tablets?

Here are 5 other industries that started using iPads, like, 6 years ago


#1: Restaurants

Restaurants are using interactive menus to give customers better menu options and to learn more about their buying habits. Incentient, a custom software provider for the hospitality industry, customizes menus for restaurants. They specialize in wine lists.When you pick a wine on an interactive tablet menu, the software will return pairing suggestions, tasting notes, and images of label. The software also lets businesses find out exactly what you’re looking at and buying by using advanced analytics.

#2: Hospitality

At some luxury results and hotels, you can use tablets to access concierge services, look at attractions and restaurants in the area, and find out more information about the local area. This is way better than the old, outdated binder that is usually found in a hotel room.

#3: Sales

You can use a tablet and custom software to check your inventory, give demonstrations to clients, and conduct transactions.

#4: Healthcare

Instead of filling out forms that can get lost or misplaced, you can use a tablet to look at patient records, find information about prescriptions, schedule appointments, authorize refills, and much more.

#5: Sporting events and concerts

When you’re at a game or show, you can use a tablet to order food and drinks without leaving your seat (instead hunting down a server). You can even use a tablet to shop for related merchandise, buy tickets for more events, or even schedule a sober ride home.

What's Next: Virtual Reality in sports

vr-sportsI don’t think we’ll be seeing iPads everywhere because we would have by now. Tablets aren’t declining but they aren’t a hot trend either.What’s coming in the future is virtual reality in sports. However, this won’t be for teams. It’ll be for the fans. Imagine experiencing games through vantage points that get you closer than you’ve ever beenYou’ll be able to see the game “through the eyes” of a player or coach on the court or field. You’ll get to cheer on your favorite team like you’re right there with them.Pretty cool, huh?

How do you use your tablet, or are tablets sort of over? 

Let us know in the comments below.

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