It’s difficult to have one particular technology adopted by an entire country, since there are usually vast differences between the biggest cities and the smallest towns. Unless your country is the Vatican, or San Marino, and you basically know everybody in the country by their first name, differences will pop up and you won’t get an uniform spread.Because it's so hard for entire countries to uniformly adopt technology, it’s much easier for individual cities to adopt certain improvements and make latest trends available for citizens. In a way, cities are the truest form of democracy, since you as a citizen have a much larger chance of making an impact and mayors are more likely to interact and listen to their electorate than presidents or monarchs.As a result, some cities have come to look like they’re right out of sci-fi novels. In fact, here are five of the most technologically advanced cities around the world, and why they’re ahead of the pack:

The 6 most technologically-advanced cities this second

#1: Stockholm

stockholmSweden's capital has a reputation for being an early adopter of new technologies. Many of the public institutions here are computerized and your relationship with the township can be done completely online. What's more, the city boasts one of the highest average internet speeds in the world, and a large coverage of 4G LTE.Stockholm loves tech and tech loves Stockholm - many IT startups call this city their home, and you not only know them but most likely use their products. Does Spotify ring a bell?

#2: London

londonThis is the city that's been at the forefront of technological advance for literally thousands of years. Ever since Roman times London was ahead of its times and ahead of other major cities that you'd love to live in.The only thing that has changed is what that leading tech is - it used to be Roman baths, but now London is one of the major economical cities in the world, and the busy city center filled with shiny skyscrapers stand proof that the UK's capital still brings its A-game.One of the areas where London really shines is the healthcare system. Here, patients are tracked with an electronic patient record system that all healthcare facilities can access.

#3: Singapore

singaporeSingapore has become a popular destination for tech companies in Asia. Lots of the major players in the web market have research facilities in Singapore - Google, Microsoft, HP, IBM to name a few. And while you won’t feel their presence that much living in Singapore, one thing you will definitely feel is the high speed internet that’s provided for free by the city. I know that’s on a must-have for everybody!Couple that with technologies that allow you to pay everything, including road tolls, as conveniently as possible using the internet, and you have the recipe for a modern 21st century city.

#4: Seoul

seoulNo list of the top tech savvy cities around the world can be complete without Seoul - a large amount of our high end electronics have been designed and produced in the area.Tech giants the likes of Samsung, Hyundai and LG have transformed Seoul in the past decades and made it into one of the most prosperous and high tech cities in the world.

#5: Tokyo

tokyoJapan has been home to one of the biggest technological leaps in history - it went from a mostly rural, poor country just a few centuries ago to one of the biggest economies and most advanced cities in the 1990s.Tokyo is home to so many gadgets and gizmos that work together for its population that going there is like setting foot on a more advanced planet.In fact, there’s a running joke that if the island would be threatened by rising sea levels over the next few years, the Japanese will have no problem building sci-fi robots to tackle the issue.

#6: Sillicon Valley

It’s safe to say that the tools that revolutionize the internet all come from Silicon Valley. With the largest IT hub in the world, this city has more techheads than just about anywhere on Earth. Companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, Intel are just the headliners for a huge list of IT giants that call Silicon Valley their home. And the unique aspect of the city is that you don’t have to actually live there to feel its effects: Silicon Valley exports its tech.

What's next: Everybody’s aiming for the top

These are the top tech savvy cities right now,  but no ranking is meant to stay that way forever. Many cities are vying for the top spot. In 2016 the there will be dozens of cities with the a real chance at overthrowing the current standing. To name a few: Kuala Lumpur, a major business hub in Asia, New York -  always a strong contender, and Hong Kong, the top tech city on China's mainland. What do you think, which of these cities do you feel most drawn to?Images' sources:,,,,,

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