Are you sick of hearing about AlphaGo?Join the club.Lee Sedol, the Korean Go champion, recently lost four games out of a series of five in a showdown with AlphaGo, a computer program created by DeepMind. DeepMind is an artificial intelligence company headquartered in London and owned by who else - Google. Btw - what don't they own?? (Well, they no longer own Boston Dynamics....but I digress).Sedol now says that his perspective of the game has changed, and he has now become a much better player from his "epic" series with the machine.Yawn.Honestly, this competition sounds like less fun than a turtle race (my money is on Michelangelo).

In other news...

There are so many more interesting topics in tech right now than this over-hyped, glorified heavy-weight bought.Here are 5 reasons we're SO over AlphaGo.

#1: Take the red pill, Neo

By Starship via

By Starship via

The UK-based tech company Starship has released a new virtual reality social network. Um, can you say cool?This new technology allows users to meet and interact with people from all over the globe in stunning, virtual locations using only a virtual reality headset and their smartphone. It's changing the face of human interaction and social networking as we know it.Are we in The Matrix?The network is available on Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR.

#2: The FBI stops hounding Apple

By Trusted Reviews via

By Trusted Reviews via

The ongoing saga of tech giant Apple and the FBI continues. However, now it looks like the FBI may not need Apple's help. The FBI recently put pressure on Apple to help them aid in an ongoing investigation and Apple refused.Now, the FBI is saying that it may have found a way to gain access into the cell phone of one of the San Beranardino terrorists on their own. Sources are saying that an outside party may have a technique for unlocking the phone.And the plot thickens.

#3: We're not talking about that Stagefright

By Geek Power via

By Geek Power via

Security experts have recently created a method that exploits the Stagefright vulnerability that is found in Android devices.This exploitation, known as "Metaphor," could allow someone to obtain remote access to an Android device in only 20 seconds.All 235 million Android phones could be at risk for getting hacked.This weakness in the system was discovered about a year ago by Zimperium, a security firm based in San Francisco, CA. The company is currently conducting research on the vulnerability.

#4: Please scan your retina to make a withdrawal

By Wells Fargo via

By Wells Fargo via

Eye scanners aren't just for sci-fi movies anymore. Soon, this technology will be used to access your personal or corporate bank account.This summer, banking giant Wells Fargo & Co. will let their corporate clients use either an eye scan or a voice and face recognition feature to sign into their bank accounts. This is the latest development in an ongoing push by banks and other financial institutions to get rid of passwords and PINs.They want to reduce or eliminate any identification tools that can be stolen or forgotten, and instead use biometrics (physical characteristics) to make theft and forgery more difficult for criminals and other unauthorized users.

By Disney via Pinterest

Disney is making a strong move to make their prices dynamic, instead of static, at their theme parks.Similar to how the airline industry sells airfare based on demand and availability, Disney is now charging visitor different prices depending on how busy they are.Customers could pay anywhere from a discount of 4% to a 20% increase depending on how busy the park is. Let's hope Samsung doesn't get wind of this and start jacking prices up on the new S7...

What's Next: Alpha-who?

See, there's a ton of interesting breaking tech news right now other than the AlphaGo snooze fest.Do you have a take on the topics mentioned above? What else is going on that we need to know about?Share the latest and greatest in the comments credit:

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