google paly storeMost of us are probably interested in going to the best places in our cities nowadays. Despite all the interaction between people on the internet and despite all the social media activity it is still quite hard to keep track of all the various events that take place. Some might not be very well promoted and some you might just have simply skipped. Either way there is little chance that you will ever be aware of most of the activities happening. That's why these apps were created though: to help you in various ways to find the events and fun activities that suit you best.So if you are interested in finding more about such apps, then this article will provide you with five of the most appealing apps for exactly such purposes. Each is different from the other in specific ways and each has its stronger and weaker points. So let's see five apps for finding local events and activities.


download localmind appLocalmind is one very interesting app as many people consider it one of the first apps if not the first app to actually grant some level of usefulness to Facebook check-in and Foursquare check-in. So let's say you are at home, pretty tired and you wanna know how a certain bar is at a moment, crowded or not. Localmind allows you to ask questions to people who are checked-in at that location and gain knowledge about it.The more questions you answer proving your knowledge, the more expertise you get and the closer you come to becoming an expert. And another ability you have is to see questions asked on the global level by users everywhere. So Localmind is good if you have ideas about where you would like to go but not so good if you wish to have more details regarding the events overall. That's where the next app comes in.


download eventbrite appEventbrite is different from Localmind and by that we mean that it gives you recommendations regarding the events that you might be interested and the events your friends will be attending. So you can find anything that you want, whether you like concerts, conferences, festivals or anything else. One of the most impressive features is the ability to buy tickets to your chosen events.You can check events that are to take place in the future as well. If something is scheduled to happen on a later date then you can save it and come back to this event sometime in the future. But what if by some chance you do not know how to reach the event? Eventbrite has this covered by allowing you to view details such as maps and directions.


songkick download appLet's assume you are someone who is very interested in music and likes going to concerts a lot. In this case Songkick might be the app for you. Songkick allows you to track your favorite bands and see where they will be performing next. More importantly in our opinion it allows you to see all the concerts that will take place in your own city. The app starts off by scanning you app, Google Music account and your music library for your favorite artists and compiles a calendar with their local performances.Apart from your favorite bands you can see bands performing globally. You can check out the greatest concerts and include them in your calendar. You will not miss any concerts and you will track your favorite artists' progress.

Field Trip

download field trip appLet's just get things clear: Field Trip was developed by Google. Since it was developed by Google you can imagine it runs pretty decently and it is a very efficient app. Field Trip runs in the background of your phone so if you are, for example, walking on the streets of Moscow it will pop up a screen every time you walk by something interesting or get close to it. Whether it is landmarks, restaurants, clubs, bars, live music or anything else that you want, field trip can probably set you up with it.It's always a good idea to learn about your environment and Field Trip can definitely help you with that. History or just interesting places, you name it, Field Trip delivers. And you can even select the feeds that you get from it so that you do not lose time with notifications that do not interest you.

All Events In the City

all events in the city app downloadAll Events In the City is the app of what is considered to be one f the fastest growing event portals, currently having some 8 and a half million events in some 20 000 cities. Whether it is about  parties,concerts, seminars, art related events, festivals, workshops, conferences, this app will probably have it and it is right there for you to look at it.All events in the city gives you access to this huge array of possibilities and it allows you to organize them by different categories such as date, location and many others. It is reasonable to say that you cannot miss any events in your vicinity with this app.This was the list of  five of the most useful apps for your social life. We appreciate any feedback and you can leave a comment below and tell us your opinion. Have you tried any of these apps? And if so, what did you think of it?

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