YouTube has become a hub for entertainment and information on the internet; you don't need to turn to TV anymore to watch your favorite movies or TV show. Billions of users use YouTube to watch videos daily. Besides, the platform is used for online streaming and broadcasting. Users are free to watch whatever they want to watch on YouTube, and it is free of cost. 

Apparently, you aren't paying anything, but you have to bear with frequent interruptions in the form of ads that appear repeatedly. And that's quite annoying to see ads in the middle of the video. Ads show up with short intervals, and users have to compulsory watch these ads in every YouTube video.

We take a look at how Google is catapulting YouTube as a monetizing machine, and a service called AdLock  that hopes to help you counter it. Rather than hoarding a list of the top adblockers out there, we ventured out to look for an alternative that spanned across the desktop, as well as mobile platforms.

YouTube Ads Get Longer and More Frequent

YouTube has changed its monetization policy for advertisers in 2020. The aim is to cater the interests of advertisers in a better way and to get maximum reach out of each advertisement. Now, even video creators who haven't partnered with YouTube Partner Program will have to see ads on their videos. Users will see more ads at the start of videos, in the middle and at the end of a video. 

YouTube has introduced a variety of ad types for advertisers to run short and long format videos on their videos. YouTube Partner Program requires channels to meet the standard to qualify for video ads and earn potential revenue from your videos. However, from now onward, YouTube will run ads on those unqualified channels and get the 100% revenues at the expense of new channels. 

Advertisers are allowed to create ads for 6 seconds, 15 to 20 seconds or even longer ads. Some ads are compulsory to watch by the users while others are skippable. Following are the types of ads YouTube has allowed on the videos in 2020 that appear on videos more frequently:

  1. Display ads

These are the simplest form of ads that appear above the video suggestion list and appear below the media player in the theatre mode.  

  1. Skippable Ads

These types of ads appear at multiple stages like in the start, middle and the end of the video. These ads are skippable, and users can to skip these ads after 5 seconds. Advertisers are paid on the impressions and the users watch the ads. 

  1. Non-Skippable Ads

Almost 90% choose to skip ads after watching them for 5 seconds, so YouTube introduced non-skippable ads to allow advertisers to achieve the desired objectives of their advertising through these ads. These ads aim to grab the audience's attention and compel them to take action.  

  1. Bumper ads

This is another form of non-skippable short video ad that run for 6 seconds and must be watched before the start of the video. 

All these types of ads tend to increase user engagement and appear in the video player each time a video is being played on YouTube using multiple systems including desktop, mobile or other devices. Users are quite irritated by the new ads policy of YouTube because they are forced to view more ads and now looking for alternate solutions to escape these ads played in the videos.

How to Block YouTube Ads?

There are many ways to block ads and you can try any of them to block YouTube ads, including free and paid methods. However, free plans don't work 100% in blocking ads and have limited functionality to block certain types of YouTube Ads. Like these free solutions can only block pop-up ads or display ads in the web browser. You can block unwanted YouTube ads by subscribing to a monthly YouTube premium subscription that allows users to watch uninterrupted videos without any ads. 

Besides offering ad-free premium content, the monthly subscription offers more benefits to the users. However, this is suitable in case you need to use the videos for professional use. If you don't want to pay for a monthly subscription for YouTube, let us introduce you to another viable solution to block YouTube Ads. 

AdLock Blocks YouTube Ads on Windows, Android and Mac

AdLock is a modern, multipurpose and easy to use ad blocker that blocks most YouTube ads. It is compatible with all popular browsers including Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox and Opera and easily configurable. AdLock browser extension can be installed on any browser. It comes with a default setting to block ads on videos, websites and other applications. You can think of browsing without annoying commercials and banners when watching videos. 

What to expect from AdLock AdBlocker?

  • It can block YouTube Ads, website pop-ups and online ads. 
  • Offer security from spyware and malware. 
  • Comprehensive list of filters
  • Easy to use and install
  • Complete freedom to use
  • Peace of mind
  • Use of AdLock on multiple devices

Ad blocker "AdLock"  is recommended to use on cross-platforms like Windows, Android, Mac as well as on mobile devices. Even the ad blocker supports browsers on iPhone and iPad. With AdLock, you get uninterrupted and distraction-free YouTube videos to enjoy your leisure time. 


Suppose you want to extend the benefit of blocking ads more than just YouTube videos. In that case, we recommend using AdLock Ad Blocker that can block website ads, pop-up ads and gives you a peaceful browsing experience.

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