If your e-commerce website does not get new leads, then there is some glitch within the system of lead generation strategies. Honestly, you should not stress out that much. Instead, do a thorough analysis and see what seems to be neglected when it comes to landing leads. Here are some ideas where to look if there is no magnetism happening ( no pun intended).

Not smart social media presence

Social media is a great source for generating a decent amount of leads in a not really time-consuming way. You have a community of followers, who trust your product and are happy to be vocal about that. Use that to expand that community. All the global reach on social media is so favorable for any business, and for e-commerce, not being limited by geography (shipping matters a bit, though) is simply priceless. 

Be an active part of your following community, observe, learn metrics, see what makes people more interested and what is of less interest to them. Watch for the new visitors, learn well what buying profile they represent and how they may be attracted to your product for further action. 

Neglecting design

Honestly, it is not even about neglecting. An E-commerce channel already implies the design to be of a high-quality. Since your store has an identity (it must have it) which is the best way to be communicated through the visual organization. The idea is to make sure that the identity highlighting design fully satisfies your audience’s preferences and indeed attracts potential clients.

Logo, poster,  or free royalty photos you choose for your store , templates you pick, and editing features you utilize are crucial for the newcomers to get attracted or to move on to the competitor’s resource. Of course, the content is crucial for sure, however, the picture wins attention first.

The magnet that is worth ignoring

The moment a visitor gets hooked on what he/she has to see and the content on the e-store is somewhat seemed to be what they have been searching for. They are not sure if it’s still worth trying, however, they definitely would give a try to some free trial, free sample, free book for that matter. The magnet  must be promising high-quality content alongside worthy  options. 

Potential leads must know already that they can get a pretty detailed picture of what they are going to get engaging into that offer. No, you are not giving away free stuff killing the profitable potential of your store. You invest in future massive conversions. Therefore do not be greedy. Be reasonably generous.

Confusing CTA

This part to some extent continues the previous one. Visitors must see the CTA button loud and clear. The impetus that is hidden between the words on the button must be so strong that it is hard to resist and simply press. The design of the CTAs must also provoke eyes to distinguish it among the rest of the content and simply commit to action. Arrange the wording that you sort of caught from the tips of the visitors' tongues - “I want to join”, “Give me my free meal plan”, “Send me my copy” etc.

Underappreciating SEO

The leads will not be getting attracted if they can’t find you. They can find you if you optimize your website to their searches. As simple as this maths is, marketers should not neglect it and constantly upgrade how their e-commerce website speaks so that it can be heard by the seekers.

Emailing is not taking seriously 

Email marketing is still a well-paved path to attract and nurture leads. No emails do not get lost completely, as long as they are sent during the appropriate time slot. The newsletter of yours will not be ignored if the subject line does speak to the recipient. And yes, if there is an email segmentation strictly followed, then the right content will be reaching the right person.

Not utilizing a guest blogging

Guest blogging is quite a useful means of attracting new people to get interested to the extent they are ready to not just let you have their email address but to commit to some quite desired action for your sales to go up. Appearing on some well-read and visited sources of content distribution with a relevant and up-to-date topic ensures chances of having that link be clicked and be producing new leads to be generated that will eventually get to be turned into one of the regulars.

To sum up

Look through how your marketing campaign is built and what strategies might need some certain revamping since they are no longer capable of generating leads. What you offer to the community is valuable. The trick is to be much more attentive to the techniques you implement to enhance the reach and expand the recognition. Doing business is always about observing and modifying, so that will not pose any pressure. 

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