The Google Assistant is now available on three platforms – Google Home, Google Allo app, and the Google’s Pixel phones. Most of the Assistant’s functionality is bundled with the Google app for Android was known as Google Now, but is now referred to as Screen Search.Adding the Google app for Android and the official Assistant platforms, we have 4 ways of interacting with Google conversationally. Each of these four Assistants has its strengths and weaknesses. Hence it can be a little confusing when choosing the best Assistant for you. However, don’t panic! We have a roundup explaining how each Assistant works.
  1. Google Pixel’s Assistant – This Google Assistant is only available on the Pixel handsets
  2. The Google Allo – This Google Assistant can only be accessed by installing the Google Allow application
  3. Google Home – Only available to those who purchase the Google Home smart speaker.
  4. Google app – Used to known as Now on Tap and Google Now. These features are now known as Screen Search and Feed respectively/

Pixel’s Google Assistant

This Google Assistant is probably the most complicated since it has the text-based interactions and voiced-based interactions on the same home screen. This can make you think that there are different ways of interacting with this Assistant.Long-pressing the home screen enables you to speak from any screen. The rest of Pixel’s Assistant features are parts of the Google app. There is also a widget at the home screen where voice queries can be dictated or typed but it offers the same experience as the Google app.In case you prefer going hands-free, consider using the Google Pixel’s Assistant. The additional on-device features give it the boost in voice command abilities.

Google Allo’s Assistant

Google Allow app is another way of accessing Google Assistant. Allo is the Google’s messaging app that is quite similar to WhatsApp, but with one handy feature up its sleeve – Google Assistant. You can message the Assistant directly.Allo’s Assistant is quite similar to the Pixel’s Assistant, expect it is only text-based. Another notable difference is that there is no Google app integration. This means that when you are using Google Allow, you are only interacting with the Assistant.However, Allo’s Assistant has unique features that are not on other platforms. For example, show me photos of [x] works. Moreover, it also has an emoji-base game with the Google Assistant on Allow.Google Allo’s Assistant is good to people who prefer text-based interactions to voice interaction.

Google Home’s Assistant

This Assistant can only incorporate voice interactions as there is no keyboard. Moreover, the Google Home does not feature a display. This means that when you prompt it to ‘show pictures of food’ it has no idea of what to do. On the positive side, it means that the Assistant can get the Google Cast capabilities.You can connect any Cast-compatible handsets to the Assistant e.g. Android TV and Chromecast. After doing that, you can ask it to show you videos on your TV and the video pops up on the connected Android TV.Use this Assistant if you are into controlling your lights, TV, and other compatible devices.

Google App

Google app is available on any phone. It supports both voice and text input simultaneously. It was formerly known as ‘Google Now’ before it changed to ‘Google’ with some new Now features having new labels.Google Now tips every user should knowIf you are into Pixel’s Assistant conversational capabilities, Allo’s text-based capabilities, or smart home control capabilities in the Home’s Assistant, consider using the regular Google app. It is superior in every way. It can take both text and voice input simultaneously.
Source: Android Authority

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