Scrambling to find a computer nearby every time the boss calls you up for an emergency? Time to turn your Android into a mobile office with the help of all the greatest office suite apps that your mobile has to offer.  We’ve come far off from the simpler times when a work day began at 9 and ended at 5, and when the business world ran on a fixed schedule. Regardless of whether you’re an overachiever who likes to put in more hours to get ahead in life or someone who wants to live more than they work, having a mobile office has become a bare essential.While having your loyal laptop around is more than you need to get work done on the go, but you don’t always have the laptop handy either. Whether you’re on a dinner date when the phone rings for last minute editing, or your co-worker needs you to send them the accounting details while you’re vacationing, your Android is one piece of technology you always have on you.

Android is the future of business enterprise

As amazing as a personal mobile OS Android can be, it can be an even better enterprise tool that is already taking over the industry. Google’s revered G Suite is already a strong competitor to the business tools arena which has long been dominated by Microsoft office suite, and it isn’t stopping there.

The “Android for work” program by Google hopes to put this versatile operating system at the forefront of smart business solutions. Whether you are a part of a larger infrastructure that needs Google Android integration for all the employees, or a new business that needs apps that are designed for a unique workforce and customer experience, Android for work has you covered.While this may be the future of business and work on the go, there are plenty of apps and services that help you create a mobile office right now!

Best office suite apps to work on Android

There is no limit to which you would need a package of office suite apps to help you create written documents, presentation charts, performance graphs, and much more. It would be a nightmare to create one from scratch on your tiny Android screen, which is why an Android tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard is always a great buy.However, for times when you need nothing more than a little editing power to fix a document and send it over, the office suite apps on Android are packed with all the features you could possibly need.

Microsoft Office Mobile – Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

The simplified design and the fact that most of us have been hooked onto using it for decades makes the Microsoft office suite of apps so versatile. If you can’t get yourself to use the third-party office suite apps that the Google Play Store is packed with, enjoy the original Microsoft Office Mobile app in all its glory. While the main app has enough firepower to help you view, edit and share documents, you can download Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint separately to maximize usability.

Download Microsoft Office Mobile

Download Microsoft Word

Download Microsoft Excel

Download Microsoft PowerPoint

When trying out the mobile version of Microsoft Office suite apps, you will feel right at home when switching from the desktop screen to Android. With the same user interface and features of its desktop counterpart, the apps also come with OneDrive integration. This cloud management feature helps you keep the mobile apps connected to the cloud and share documents between your computer and Android device seamlessly.

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

It is uncommon for Google to derive an idea from other apps and create its own, but when it does, it hits all the right spots. Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides have become popular as Google’s version of Microsoft Office suite, offering similar minimalist design and cross-compatibility to ensure that you aren’t stuck to using one or the other. However, when it comes to viewing, editing, and sharing documents, Google’s office suite apps do have an added advantage.

Download Google Docs

Download Google Sheets

Download Google Slides

Admittedly, Microsoft office suite comes with the advantage of decades of popularity and enhanced features, when it comes to working on Android, the seamless integration offered by Google gives its own apps the leading edge. Since the app is integrated into the Google network, sharing it with other users and allowing them to make changes, importing media with Google Photos, and storing the data automatically to Google Drive will make your life a whole lot easier.

Best office suite apps to manage documents

While the above apps have you covered for when you need to create and edit online documents, but what about the physical ones? In business scenarios such as legal advising and real estate management, most of the paperwork is physical, and managing them can be a nightmare when you’re away from the office.This is where the best Android apps for managing documents come in to help you manage all kinds of paperwork. Whether you’re trying to manage the bills for accounting, gathering physical work documents, or need to convert a file type, your Android is here for you.

CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator

A veteran in the world of apps to manage documents, CamScanner has pretty much changed the way we scan documents and photos altogether. Since the modern Android device is packed with a highly capable camera, CamScanner makes the best use of it by enabling you to snap a picture of a physical document, convert it into PDF or JPEG format and share seamlessly across any platform.

Download CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator

Apart from the ability to scan documents within seconds and applying different filters to get the desired photocopy, you can print documents with CamScanner with a single click. Moreover, some premium features of the app include OCR (optical character recognition), which allows you to find and edit text within a scanned document, auto-uploading to the cloud storage (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox etc.), and the ability to secure private documents with a password.

Microsoft Office Lens

While Microsoft may have lent the concept of an app to scan documents from CamScanner, it definitely holds its own unique merits. With the ability to turn your camera into a portable document scanner, you can use Office Lens to keep a track of your expenses by scanning receipts and even scan the entire whiteboard from the meeting room or the classroom to carry the information along with you.

Download Microsoft Office Lens

However, the primary reason why you want to get your hands on Office Lens is the fact that is backed by the Microsoft Office suite apps. This means that you can scan a picture or a document and move it right over to Microsoft Word or PowerPoint and work more efficiently. Moreover, the OneDrive integration also allows carrying the documents across all platforms seamlessly, while OneNote integration gives you the ability to take notes alongside the scanned images and documents with ease.

PDF to Word Converter

The dilemma of converting a PDF document into an editable Word document or the other around has been a part of our working lives for years. While the fact there are plenty of reliable tools to convert PDF files to Word docs (and vice versa) is great, but what if you are far away from a laptop or computer and need to edit a certain document on the go?

Download PDF to Word Converter

The ultimate solution to this problem is the PDF to Word Converter app, helping you convert PDF documents to Word files in less than a minute. Without any limitations on file size or quantity, the app enables you to maintain the quality of the document, along with the option to share the converted files right away or save it to any of your favorite cloud servers.

Best note taking apps for Android

A genius idea can strike anytime, even when you are on a vacation and don’t want to think about work. While you can always rely on your memory to stay faithful and help you remember all the important details, having the ability to take notes at any instance can make all the difference there is. Fortunately, the Google Play Store is packed with the best note taking apps for Android, and here is a couple that your mobile office definitely needs.

Microsoft OneNote

While many may argue that Google’s very own note taking app should inherently be the best choice, when it comes to work and business, Microsoft is always a few paces ahead. Giving you the ability to write down your thoughts, draw up sketches and even pin images and items to the screen, OneNote is a digital notepad that can do more things than you could possibly ask for.

Download Microsoft OneNote

Helping you organize your thoughts into written material is something that even a basic note taking app can do, but what makes OneNote special is its portability. Instead of sharing your notes to your email address, the seamless integration of OneNote mobile app and its PC counterpart helps you carry your thoughts along, no matter the device. Since the app blends into the Microsoft ecosystem, you can share content across Microsoft Office suite and add new media with Office Lens right from your phone.

Google Keep

Whether it is the Google-branded material design or the fact that it fits into the Android environment like a glove, there is something special about Google Keep. Focusing on the ability to quickly take note of what’s on your mind, regardless of where you are, Google Keep enables you to save voice memos, quickly take a picture or save a receipt, along with the ability to search through all the saved notes.

Download Google Keep

Unlike OneNote, Google Keep does not have detailed office features like the ability to annotate or change the text style and add visual elements. However, if you would rather leave the heavy lifting work to the office suite apps and need an all-around note-taking app that works across all platforms, Google Keep is a keeper.

Best Android work apps for communication

A large part of our daily work includes communicating with the team leader or fellow colleagues to discuss ideas and collaborate on projects. While features like the ability to made video/voice calls and share documents makes WhatsApp a great messaging app, workplace communication has so much more to it. Staying connected to your co-workers and sharing project ideas online is made so much simpler with office communication apps for Android.


Whether you are a project manager for a larger company, running your own little establishment, or a freelance professional managing several projects at once, work communication doesn’t get any better than Slack. You can start off by creating your team, inviting the members and setting up channels where discussions can take place.

Download Slack

Along with the ability to communicate via messaging, voice calling a member or an entire group at once for a conference call and sharing/editing all kinds of documents online, Slack helps you manage your workflow better than you would be able to in an actual workplace. Originally available as a web app, Slack for Android brings all these features to your phone so you are always connected to your team and part of the workforce.


While communication is always an easy way when it comes to Android, a huge part of the workload comes in the form of organizing your projects, which can seem impossible on your phone. This is where Trello comes into play as the ultimate project management app to help you stay organized with your workflow and invite your co-workers to streamline the work on a single platform.

Download Trello

Starting things off, there is no direct communication system here, instead, you can invite your colleagues, assign them to-do tasks, and comment on certain items that can be read by your co-workers. Built with the ability to upload media and organizing the daily work quota for yourself and others working on the project, working away from the office won’t stop you from getting things done.

Wrapping things up

You may never truly be able to give up your loyal PC and move all your work to your Android device, but isn’t it a relief to have a device around that can take care of your work needs? Some of the best mobile office suite apps we have highlighted above are a part of an ever-growing list, as the traditional workplace continues to become more and more virtual.Are you a working professional who makes the best out of Android and these spectacular mobile office suite apps in your daily life? If you have any other great office app for Android that you would like to add to the list, mention it in the comments or start a conversation on the Updato Forum.

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