Are you ready for the next generation of portable gaming by turning your Android phone or tablet into a gaming console? Here’s a guide to everything you need to pursue your passion for gaming and enjoy some of the best HD games for Android. Being a billion-dollar industry which has now existed for longer than personal computers have, gaming has become the source of entertainment for generations. While high-end graphics and increasingly popular gaming titles have given rise to gaming computers and consoles, there’s another powerful gadget that has been cashing in on the gaming fever.The Android phone you carry around every day has far more potential than just playing Clash Royale. The modern-day Android smartphone is packed with powerful hardware than can even put earlier gaming consoles to shame. This popularity has created a massive pool of talented mobile game developers, who are behind some of the best HD for Android.

How good is Android for gaming?

While the modern-day gaming consoles such as the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox One are far more capable than any smartphone, Android devices today aren’t packed short either. The largest mobile chipset developer in the world, Qualcomm openly claims that their current line of Snapdragon processors is powerful enough to render graphics, video, and audio that can be compared to consoles.Just looking at the current lineup of games available for Android devices shows how powerful the graphical capabilities of these pocket devices can be. Moreover, when paired with a compatible gamepad controller and visuals taken up to the big screen, your Android phone is nothing short of being a gaming console and more.The popularity of mobile gaming has become so widespread that mainstream game developers are turning their attention to the smaller screens. For instance, Activision launched Skylands Trap Team for gaming consoles alongside the mobile version for Android and iOS devices. The gameplay, voiceovers, and video cut scenes were created identical for the console and mobile versions, which shows you just how capable HD games for Android can become.

Best Android gaming consoles

There is already a vested interest from major gaming brands like NVIDIA and Razer in Android mobile gaming. If you’re aren’t keen on turning your daily driver Android phone into a gaming console but still, want an Android gaming console on the cheap, you can get your hands on one these top-selling Android gaming consoles listed below.

Razer Forge TV

Combining the power of Android TV to high-end hardware for a console-level gaming experience, Razer Forge TV brings mobile gaming to the big screen. Packed with a powerful Snapdragon 805 quad-core processor that can take on Full-HD content streaming with ease, this Android gaming console comes with Razer Cortex – a platform to discover and play hundreds of Android TV oriented games.  For some of the best TV in the market, take a look here for the 9 best Tvs :The Razer Forge TV comes with its very own wireless controller called Razer Serval and can be paired with up to 4 controllers at a time to give you an immersive and enjoyable multiplayer experience. Apart from Razer exclusives, you also have complete access to the Google Play Store, you so can get your hands on the best HD games for Android right away.

Get Razer Forge TV


Google has chosen NVIDIA Shield TV to be the face of Android TV, but it has far more gaming-oriented features than your average Android TV device. Packing its very own NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor, Shield TV is hands-down the fastest media player for streaming movies, TV shows, and games to your big screen.The only Android TV/ gaming console to be future-ready with 4K and HDR content support right out of the box, NVIDIA Shield TV comes with GeForce Now technology to stream games directly from your NVIDIA-powered PC to your TV. While the Shield Remote is a great navigation tool, the real pleasure comes with the Shield Controller.

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Launched as a Kickstarter campaign all the way back in 2012, OUYA was the first actual take at the concept of Android gaming consoles. Priced only at $99, it is till date the cheapest Android gaming console, although the product has lost the hype it built up during the launch period. Powered by NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM, the system is capable of elegantly playing games on the big screen.Integrated with features like expandable storage space, multiplayer capabilities, and OUYA controller as well, Full-HD gaming feel ecstatic on this Cube-sized console. While it does not come with media player capabilities and support for Android TV like the other two devices on the list, it’s a great (and affordable) choice for those who want nothing but a pure Android gaming console.


NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1

The only brand to bring portability to high-end mobile gaming, NVIDIA has created the Shield Tablet K1 to inspire gamers on the go. Powered by a powerful Tegra K1 processor with the 192-core NVIDIA Kepler GPU at 2.2 GHz gives out of this world gaming experience that is unmatched by any other Android tablet.Paired with the stunning Shield Controller and GeForce NOW compatibility to play graphic-intensive games from your PC right on your tablet, Shield Tablet K1 itself comes with a gorgeous Full-HD display and dual front-facing speakers for immersive surround sound experience everywhere.

Get NVIDIA Shield K1

Turn Android phone into a gaming console

While it’s always enticing to get your hands on the latest high-end Android entertainment system, it doesn’t take a lot to make your very own Android gaming console for just a few bucks. With the right accessories to connect your smartphone to the big screen and an Android-compatible gamepad controller, you’re all set to start gaming.

A high-powered Android phone

To keep up with the growing demand for high-performance devices, most manufacturers pack their devices with premium processors and plenty of RAM to keep things going smoothly. Any quad-core processor from Qualcomm Snapdragon lineup paired with a good GPU and at least 2GB of RAM should do the trick, but you can never have enough firepower to enjoy a phenomenal gaming experience.

Connecting Android to TV

The first thought that comes to mind when thinking of mirroring Android to a TV is Google Chromecast. However, the quality of streaming when it comes to playing HD games on Android depends on multiple factors such as the internet speed, smartphone’s hardware, and how graphic-intensive the game is. If your Android device supports MHL connectivity, it is your best bet at avoiding lag during your gaming session. We have extensively covered MHL and other connectivity solutions for Android in our post below.

Everything you need to know about Android TV

Game controllers for Android

Any gaming console is incomplete without an excellent game controller, and luckily Android works with almost any controller you can find. Not only can you wirelessly pair the PlayStation controller to your Android device using Bluetooth, but the OTG support on the most Android devices allow you to plug in any USB game controller to your Android. If you don’t own a game controller already, here are some great game controllers for Android that you can go for:

Best overall – SteelSeries Stratus XL

Best value – 8BitDo Zero

Best for portability – Moga Hero Power

Best HD Games for Android

Need for Speed No Limits

A legendary name in the world of racing games across every platform, Need for Speed comes back to the mobile platform that matches the console graphics and gameplay. You get to build your very own dream ride and push the limit of customizations to the absolute limit. From the high-octane action on the streets to burning rubber with over 1,000 challenges, racing on Android gets a whole lot notorious with Need for Speed No Limits.

Dead Trigger 2

The zombie apocalypse is upon us and the only way to survive is to fight your way through with Dead Trigger 2. This first-person shooter gives a healthy twist to the evergreen zombie survival genre with a massive arsenal of wacky weapons to trash in zombie skulls with more than 50 types of weapons. You can play solo campaigns, go online for global missions, or take on side quests with more than 600 different gameplay scenarios to survive the beginning of the end.

Injustice 2

Released alongside the PC and console versions, Injustice 2 is a follow-up to the action-packed DC Super Heroes and Villains fighter. Packed with several new characters from the DC Universe and some exciting new move sets and fighting styles developed by NetherRealm Studios, Injustice 2 enables you to fight as your favorite character and improve your fighting skills by leveling up and unlocking new characters along the way.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Inspired by popular FPS such as Call of Duty and Battlefield, Gameloft brings the 5th iteration of its popular Modern Combat series with the bar raised in every way. Built with an immersive multiplayer mode to take on the enemies with your partners by your side, you can to choose your playstyle class (Assault, Sniper, Recon etc.) or fight across the line of control with the intense solo campaign.

The Walking Dead

You don’t really have to be a fan of the Walking Dead TV show (although it’s more fun if you are) to appreciate this game. Designed to look fantastic and keep you hooked from chapter 1 to 5, Walking Dead puts you in the shoes of a convicted criminal Lee Everett who now has a second chance at life where the dead don’t stay dead. You meet people and travel to locations in the zombie-infested universe in an attempted to save the orphaned girl Clementine.

Half-Life 2

Every PC gamer knows Half-Life 2 is the holy grail of the industry, and while its next iteration may never bless up with its presence, you now have the iconic game available on Android. While being a NVIDIA exclusive does make it lose a few points, for those who can enjoy it on their Shield devices get to relive the like of scientist Gordon Freeman fighting for survival on an alien-infested Earth.

Deer Hunter

It’s open season all year round now and it’s the right time to go out on the next epic hunting adventure with Deer Hunter. Travel across the globe from the Great White North to the jungles of Zimbabwe to find your next great trophy hunt with highly immersive graphics and affluent gameplay. Make sure you take down those predators become the hunter becomes the hunted, and cash in to upgrade your hunting arsenal to bag a big catch.

FIFA Mobile Soccer

Generations of friends and foes have been created by FIFA over the decades, and now the best football game in the world in available for Android devices. Taking things to a whole new level, the game incorporates over 30 leagues, 650 real teams and 17,000 players into this adrenaline jumping game. FIFA Mobile Soccer puts you in power of managing your dream team on the field, going on the offense with the new Attack Mode and keeping up with live football events all year round.

Assassin’s Creed Pirates

Another mainstream game that makes it to the list of best HD games for Android, Assassin’s Creed Pirates takes you on a trip to the Caribbean as a feared warlord of the sea. Fight for your place on the treading waters and plunder other ships with brutal naval combats. Add more experienced pirates to your armada and upgrade your ship to explore the vast treasures hidden in the depths of the mystical islands.Are you making the most out of the hardware capabilities of your Android device and turning it into a powerful gaming console? Let us know which are your absolute favorite HD games for Android and if we missed a few, do point them out on the Updato Forum.

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