For most people looking to get a computer-related job, becoming a programmer is the first thing that comes to mind. The journey starts with looking for a suitable programming language to learn, which is currently Java and then most people jump in with asking just simple questions like how long does it take to learn Java? Or how much effort it takes?

Many people are not aware of the number of opportunities and jobs they can get from mastering at least one programming language. To help you get over this roadblock quickly, I’ve brought you the most popular computer & tech jobs that are going to be in high demand in 2021 and each job’s expected salary. This post’s information relies on Robert Half’s research on hiring trends in 2021.

Top 10 High Demand Tech Jobs in 2021

Software Developer

It’s necessary to start with the most famous computer-related job in the world. Software developers are responsible for designing, creating, and testing computer software. The job revolves around building computer programs whether it is desktop or web applications.

This requires extensive knowledge of one or more programming languages such as Java, C#, or .Net in addition to handling databases with the help of SQL.

Salary range: $77K - $107K.

Mobile App Developer

Just like a software developer, mobile app developers are responsible for designing, programming, testing, maintaining, and updating mobile applications. This job had to have its own category separate from the general “software developer” title because it now has an independent environment and market.

Mobile app developers can build apps for Android, iOS, or Windows. A huge part of this job has to do with the UX design in addition to the actual development and debugging of the applications.

Salary range: $96K - $140K.

DevOps Engineer

This job is available in companies that follow the agile software development principles. A DevOps engineer’s job is to connect the coding and the development process with deployment and maintenance phases to ensure that there is no gap between the two and that software update releases are as efficient as possible.

Salary range: $100K - $146K.

Cybersecurity Professional

Cybersecurity professionals can specialize in different branches like data security, information security, networks security, and cloud security.

These jobs are all in-demand as all businesses now rely heavily on data and information in their operations. Security professionals of different specializations ensure that the enterprises’ most sensitive and important operations are safe from any potential attacks from the outside or the inside.

Salary range: 69K - 102K.

Cloud Architect

All the major enterprises are now shifting from the old server setup to adopt cloud computing solutions. A cloud architect is responsible for overseeing the company’s cloud strategies by deploying the right applications and managing them.

Salary range: $107K - $142K.

Database Administrator

Database admins (DBA) are responsible for the company’s internal databases and everything relating to them from the database servers and applications to granting and revoking different permissions to specific data on the company’s servers.

Salary range: $79K - $107K.

Analyst Developer

As the job title indicates, an analyst developer plays both the roles of an analyst and a programmer. With this job, you get to analyze systems to design the best software solutions for them. In other words, you use large data sets and analyze them to reach answers.

These answers are then used in the documentation and design of new software that can be either used internally within the business or offered to customers as solutions for their problems.

Salary range: $69 K - $95K.

System Analyst

As a system analyst, you will be responsible for translating the business needs of your clients into documentation, charts, and diagrams that are later used by programmers to create the software solution for the client.

Salary range: $65K - $87K.

Software Tester

Also known as software quality assurance engineer in some companies. This job makes you responsible for ensuring high-quality software performance by testing whether the program meets the original requirements. This involves automated and manual tests as well as analyzing the system.

Salary range: $63K - $92K.

Support Specialist

Also known as a help-desk professional, this job gives you more human contact as you provide your business’s customers with needed technical help using the company’s software products.

While customer service representatives answer more common questions, technical support professionals deal with more technical and complex issues.

Salary range: $42K - $58K.

Getting Ready for Top Tech Jobs

As you must have already noticed, most of the top jobs in technology and computer-related fields require you to have knowledge of one or more programming languages.

In this section, you’ll find the most important programming languages and where to learn them.

Java Programming - CodeGym


CodeGym’s online platform offers the opportunity to learn Java without being bored by the traditional tutorials set up. Whether you’re considering software development for desktop or mobiles as a career, Java is the way to start.

Python - is the main source to go to if you’re set on working with Python. The language itself is important for machine learning jobs and Data Science jobs and covers those topics in a neat and concise way.

Javascript -

Knowing Javascript is crucial for almost any computer-related job. is a great community where you can start learning Javascript for free using interactive lessons and mind-engaging exercises.

C++ - C++ Tutorial for Complete Beginners

C++ Tutorial for Complete Beginners

This free course by Udemy is where you should start if you’re just beginning to learn programming and C++ has caught your attention.

C# - C# Basics by Treehouse

C# Basics by Treehouse

This course will take you through C# syntax and how to write basic programs. When you finish the 188 minutes videos, you will be well-acquainted with data types, if statements, methods, and other C# basics.


In this post, we covered the most important jobs in the information technology industry which we can guarantee to be in-demand for 2021 and the coming years. We also covered the most needed programming languages to gain knowledge in to be eligible to apply for one of these jobs.

There is no need to be stuck in a career you don’t like. With the help of this post, you can choose the job that matches your preference and take the first steps towards it by learning programming languages!

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