In many companies, offices and plants are scattered in different cities and are  far away. Long before public data networks, both personal and business appeared, companies rented telephone lines that connected some or all of its locations on their own. Thus, a private data transmission network was built and together with it, network protection systems against intruders were developed. When public data networks appeared, both internet companies and individuals wanted to move their telephone communications to the public network but at the expense of the security of communication and traffic of personal and business data. Such needs soon led to the emergence and development of virtual private networks.

What you didn’t know about VPNs

VPN networks are built directly over the Internet so that each computer that sends a request or sends a message doesn't communicate directly with the final address of the web service on the Internet, but travels through a tunnel to the VPN server from where under the masked IP address of the VPN server receives their information. The tunneled connection between the computer and the VPN server that further directs the request or message to the requested web services around the world is encrypted and protected even from the disclosure of requested or content sent by the local Internet provider, and then from all accidental and intentional intruders who listen to, analyze or intercept the computer's internet communication with the servers and thus gain the possibility of stealing the collection and collection of data on Internet users.

Your personal data is valuable

However, since companies and governments of many countries have realized that personal data, confidential data, and business data are expensive to sell and that data theft techniques for direct blackmail or sale to a third party are at an extremely advanced level, VPN has become an increasingly topical issue.  People have become aware of what a VPN can do. Now you know what VPN can do in your favor.

Today, VPNs represent the ability for remote users to securely connect to a company's computer network or for Internet end-users to securely connect to commercial websites on remote servers with greater ability to protect critical and private data online.

With the development of data collection and processing technologies, private, personal, confidential and business areas are increasingly the topic of professionals who strive to meet the needs of Internet users.

A simple VPN provides answers to the most common security questions and access to web services such as sites on the public network that are blocked, masking the public IP address for anyone who could track the physical location of our Internet activity, hiding browsing history, even from your Internet service providers, and you can now use a VPN to well protect the content of each of your communications on the open network. A VPN can do many useful things in a broadly defined Internet danger lurking on all sides.

Hide your physical address

Many of us are working from home nowadays. And everything seems different. Stumbling upon new problems is something that happens to all of us, on a daily basis. One of the most common problems most of us had is not being able to work from our home addresses as usual. If you could not access various sites on the public network that were blocked for your geo-location, now the VPN can do it for you, so that you will be physically in one place and by connecting to the VPN server the information about your IP address will be moved to the address of the VPN server and from another geo-location, you will have much more access to certain web services that are regulated by various prohibitions, and your location will be masked.

That way, if you don't want your exact location from which you're searching from the so-called masking of your IP address and VPN can be displayed for curious data hunters on the Internet, it can do it for you. This way, you are also protected from collecting, viewing or selling search history. So what you couldn't do before you can now do with a VPN.

Keep your browsing history to yourself

It's already well known that our browsing history is available to anyone who knows a little more about technology. It is well known that when you type something on your computer that your computer exits to your public IP address, and sends your request to the desired server where the webserver with the requested information is located. All communication between stations to the desired location, although it takes a split second, is recorded because it returns the desired information from the requested site to your computer and loads a certain web page. When your computer first makes a path to a VPN server, and then from there goes to the desired web address, your paths remain hidden from those who aim to explore. Wherever you go, to which web services and locations thaws secretly, this is what VPN could do for you.

Your streaming location

The legal and administrative regulations and payment policy of providers who broadcast streaming content can greatly limit your access to streaming. Nevertheless, a VPN makes it possible that wherever you are in the world, you can select an IP address in your country and access streaming content and events that are streamed.

Your devices

One of the more important items that a VPN can do for the benefit of its use is to help protect all of your devices, including your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone from prying eyes. Your devices can be a major target of cybercrime when you access the Internet, especially if you are on a public Wi-Fi network. So VPN masking parameters about your location and behavior on the public network make you not easily accessible to the type of hacker waiting for communication between your computer, public network, and remote web services to collect your passwords, enter payment protocols, or hack into your devices and computers.

Finally, if you want to gain freedom on the Internet you can do it with a VPN without worries about your private identity and data. Even if government agencies ask your provider for a record of your web activities, they will not be able to deliver such analysis. So use a VPN to manage your Internet security in an organized way!

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Things you didn’t know a simple VPN can do in your favor

Things you didn’t know a simple VPN can do in your favor

Things you didn’t know a simple VPN can do in your favor

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