If your device isn't embedded with a 4G option, then you must be wondering how you can speed up your 3G supported device for faster internet connectivity. Hope is however not lost as there are a few things you can try that should make your mobile data connections less painful, and much more reliable in terms of speed.

Install Opera Max

Opera Max is the ideal tool for anyone looking to have total control on how their data is used as well as increase the speed of their browsing. While crowded wifi networks was the main idea behind the creation of this app, most of its functionality also applies to 3G use.  Thanks to the Opera Max, the streaming of media content can be optimized to ensure that it remains lean and fast.Opera has recently been tweaking the data optimization feature to a level that according to them is a 23% increase compared to conventional usage. This means that you'll use half as much data with a speed that is almost a quarter faster. Download Opera Max for free from the Google Play Store and start making the most of your 3G network.

Facebook Lite

Facebook is popularly known as being one of the most data hogging and battery draining apps around. Switching to Facebook Lite is one of the best ways you can prevent both of these negative impacts on your device. The app was built with users who are unable to access the popular social network in mind, offering a reliable Facebook experience while using up as little bandwidth as possible.If you have already uninstalled the Facebook app and the differences it has had on your device have been worthwhile, but the need to use a browser instead of a one-stop app hasn't been as convenient, then Facebook Lite may be an excellent alternative.

Switch to Text Only mode in your browser

To maximize your internet speeds, consider setting your browser to Text Only mode. Though a few browsers do not support this capability, you can check if it's available under your Settings menu.Enabling the Text Only mode on your browser stops images from loading, which means less internet traffic which results in enhanced speed.

Use a better web browser

While Chrome is a great browser for most users, it is not known for it minimal memory usage. If you want to milk as much out of your 3G connectivity, find a mobile browser with memory-saving capabilities such as Opera Max. As mentioned above, this app allows to you to see the apps that use up most of your data, manage how data is used up, maximizes your Wi-Fi speeds, and reduces the amount of data megabytes used on social, photo, music and video sharing applications.Another excellent alternative is Opera Mini, which is a lighter version of the Opera browser, that is still as feature-packed.

Clear your cache

If after trying the above options, you still experience a sluggish internet experience on your 3G network, then the culprit may not be your network but instead your device. Although newer versions of Android are optimized for better management of your system's memory, it is not fail proof. A puffed up cache could prove resource intensive and cause your device along with your internet browsing, to slow down.To clear a particular app's cache and boost your speed, head into Settings >> Applications and then navigate to the app you want. Once you've tapped on it, select Clear Cache.If you're unsure about the specific app causing the lags, find an app that can have all your apps' caches cleared at once, such as App Cache Cleaner.What other ways do you make the most out of your 3G network connectivity? Let us know in the comments. 

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