If you grew up in the early 90's - talking to you devices might be one of your fantasies. With applications like Google Now, Siri and more our fantasies are coming true. Talking to your device, asking for their suggestions, tell them what to do is not sci-fi anymore. It's a reality and has loads of potential.Without us actually noticing, the future has arrived quietly. Voice recognition and advancements in this field have taken us closer to those science fiction movies. Due to this, you can do so much more with your voice assistant on your phone than simply asking to dial a number or checking weather. In this post we will be sharing some cool stuff you can do with "OK Google"Here you might also be interested in our post "Unraveling Your Android's Phone "OK Google" Capability Offline."But before we start, do you know Google voice commands "OK Google" even works on iOS? It does you just need to be on iOS version 6 or higher.

Phone Calls & Texts

This one is easy and you probably know what it does. You just have to say "Call contact" and it will dial straight away. If you have contacts with similar names then it will ask you to confirm which contact do you want to dial. Similarly you can text hands-free too. Say "Text <contact>  I'll be right there." The only downside to this is the fact that Google is not very good at picking non-English names.


We all know how directions work with "OK Google" - if you don't here is the list"Directions to" "Navigate to" "How to get to"But this is not what we wanted to share. There are some other cool commands that most users are unaware of like if you are taking a walk you can say "walking direction to..." and our phone will keep you on the right track. To get a map of your present location - you can say "Where am I"

Events & Reminders

"Remind me to" is a great command through which your Android phone can set reminders automatically. For example, say "remind me to call Janet on Saturday" and your phone will set it up as a reminder to call Janet. Creating an even works the same way but OK Google doesn't seem to pick up these commands as seamlessly as it picks Reminders.Finally you can set alarms talking to your phone. Simply say "set alarm" and pick a day and date. For example, say "set alarm to hours from now"


No need to grab your phone and scroll through your collection to listen to songs anymore. Just say "I want to listen to...." and your phone will do the rest for you. You can also try other smilar comands like "play me songs from..." or "play me some" or even "watch..."

Ask Questions

...and of course you can ask tons of questions from OK Google. The possibilities are limitless. What you are dealing with is a smart app. For example, if you want to covert currencies, you can say "how much is $50 in pounds" or check your flight status "what is the status of Emirates, flight number xyz" - You can try and ask almost any random question and chances are your phone will reply with a relevant answer 90% of the time.

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There are several ways to locate your model number:

Option 1
On your device, go to Settings, then "About device" and scroll down to "Model number"
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