With the present day expensive usage of data and the quickly vanishing unlimited data offers, wise consumption of data seems to be the recommended dose for every user in order to maximize on every bit of those precious megabytes. The following are handy tips that may go a long way to help you out in this with consideration to your style of data consumption.

1. Junk that Facebook app

Every Android cognoscente will tell you that Facebook is one data enemy. Not only does it feast on your precious data but also at your battery life and other resources. Despite newer versions coming with promises of much reduced data usage, the predicament is still the same.The best thing would be to jettison that ever-hungry app and try other knacks like Tinfoil, Pushbullet or IFTTT. You can also create a shortcut using Chrome in your web browser by opening Facebook in Chrome, head for the overflow menu then select Add to the Home Screen.

2. Truncate Chrome pages

Using Chrome for all your browsing will itself save you a lot of data. Compressing the Chrome pages, known as Data Saver, will indeed save you much more data. This feature condenses web pages before they are loaded into your browser.This will, however, slow down your browsing rate a bit but it's worth it due to the amount of data it allows you to save for some more browsing.In order to launch Chrome, tap the triple dots at the top right corner, scroll down to settings and then to Data Saver. Be sure to affirm that your data usage has reduced by checking regularly on the graph.

3. Regulate background data

Background data is that internet flow that goes on even in your oblivion such as news feeds, weather apps updates, etc. You can command your device to stop that unnecessary traffic by heading for the settings, select data usage and regulate background data. For individual apps, after hitting the Settings button, select apps and modify them to your satisfaction.Another way to solve this could be syncing your settings for Google services by selecting Accounts in Settings then go for Google, choose the account then uncheck those services you don't want to sync automatically.

4. Curb that music streaming addiction

While streaming music live from apps such as Youtube, Vine and Spotify, you may not be aware but truth is they are heavy data users. Why don't you just download that favorite song or listen to it offline if you don't have a microSD or there isn't much space in your phone. This will really save on your precious data.

5. Inactivate auto-updating apps

Automatic updating of apps such as Google Play's app updating and other apps is another huge drainage of your data. For Google Play Store, open the app then swipe at the left-hand navigator, tap settings then you'll see Auto-update Apps at the top. For individual apps, head to My Apps, choose an app then tap on the overflow menu to change auto-updating.

6. Use offline Navigation

Due to the high consumption of data by apps such as Google Maps and some Android games, a provision has been made, whereby you have the freedom to use these apps even when offline. Just do a bit of cognisance with your apps and you may find such apps.

7. Identify and dump those data eaters

Head straight to your settings and select Data Usage to have a look at those apps which are eating away at you hard-earned data both in foreground and background. This will help you restrict apps based on their importance.

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What's my model number?

There are several ways to locate your model number:

Option 1
On your device, go to Settings, then "About device" and scroll down to "Model number"
Option 2
Often times you can view the model number inside the device, by removing the battery
Option 3
Using Samsung's model/serial number location tool

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