Sending group texts is something the iPhone fans have accessed for many years. These fans have at time teased Android since it does not feature a standardized method of sending multiple group texts. Some prefer this since they don’t have to customize/modify your smartphone and then choose how you want to send a group text. However, the open nature of the Android devices makes messaging a little complex.With Android handsets, it is often hard  to send group text without receiving stray messages and not knowing where it comes from. Here is a roundup of ways you can use to send  group messages from Android smartphone easily to help you boost your mobile relationship.

Sending messages with group of contacts

This is the best and greatest way of sending group texts. This is because it does not let you interact with family or friends communally but it gives you a convenient way of sending out a text to your contacts.
  1. First, you have to make sure that you have enabled MMS/group texts in the messaging texting. For a message to be sent as a group text with one pile of replies, you have to convert it to an MMS.
  2. Develop a group that you will send the texts to. Creating a group is important if you are the kind of person who regularly sends messages to a designated group of family or your friends. Go to the home screen and then hit on the Contacts option.
  3. Tap the Groups tab found at the topmost of your screen. Some Android devices differ on this as you have to tap the menu button so that you can find the Group option on some handset.
  4. Enter the group name. You can enter it in the message field later.Tap the Save button to complete the process.
  5. To add contacts to the group, tap on the group that you created and the click ‘Add Contact.’ This takes you to your contacts’ list. Choose those you want by checking the boxes and then give them a group name.
  6. Now that the group is created, it is time to send the group message. From the home screen, go to your Messaging application and then open it. Tap the Recipient: or To: field and tap the Contacts icon.
This brings your contacts. Select the group you created and tap the Done option. Go back to the messaging application and write the message and then send it to the groups.If you would like to add a contact in future, open the contact information of the contact you want to add and Select Edit. Go to the Groups selection, select your group and then add the contact.
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How to send group texts from Android devices

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