If your handset low on? If your smartphone has an SD card slot, you can use it to increase your device’s space for apps, movies, and music, thanks to the new SD card featured in the Android Marshmallow.There is what that seems like a huge change for Google. After getting rid of SD card slots in the Nexus phones and also recommending manufacturers to stay far away from the external storage, it has begun supporting them again.

Here are some tips for the SD Card mounting in Android 6.0

Use the SD Card as portable storage

Android Marshmallow allows users to use their SD cards as portable storage. You may use it as a portable device so that you can offload videos and photos that are using a lot of space. To use the SD card as a portable storage, follow these steps:
  • Insert the SD card in the slot on our handset. You will see a notification saying that an SD card was detected.
  • Tap on the Set Up button on the notification bar
  • Tap the ‘Use a portable storage’ option to make sure it is checked.
  • Click the Explore button to see the contents of the SD card
  • To open the Android’s new file manager, go to Settings > Storage & USB and hit on the name of the card
This lets you view and manage files on the SD card

Use it as internal storage

If you want to use your SD card as your handset’s internal storage, you will have to ensure that you are using an SD card with a high speed. All SD cards are equal, the slow ones with slow down your phone and applications. It is better off and convenient to use a few extra cash for a quality SD card that will work fine.Furthermore, your Android check will test the speed of your SD card once you insert it. If it is very slow and likely to cause issues, your device will warn you.To use it as an internal storage, insert the SD card and the tap on ‘Setup’ and then select ‘Use as internal storage’. Android erases the files in the drive, so make sure you have backed up any necessary and important data and applications you wouldn’t want to use.After doing that, you can choose to move your files, some applications, and photos to the drive, if you want. If you want to migrate the data later, go to Settings > Storage & USB, and then on the drive, select the menu button and then tap on ‘Migrate data’.

How to turn an ‘internal storage’ SD card to portable (and vice versa)

You will be apple to see the SD card in the Setting app. To turn an internal storage SD card to portable storage, choose the handset here, and click on the menu button and then choose ‘Settings.’ You Select use the ‘Format as portable.’ This can erase the data on the SD card, so make sure they are backed up.To make it portable follow the steps above and click ‘Format as portable’.
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SD card mounting tips for Android 6.0 Marshmallow

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