Galaxy S3 is amongst the most successful handset Samsung has ever made. If you would like to be familiar with the S3 better, here are some of the tricks and tips.

Galaxy S3 Tips and Tricks

  1. Application download problems
Sometimes, Android has issues when downloading applications. Some of the devices fail to download apps. This is very frustrating to the S3’s users. If your device experiences downloading issues, try this:
  • Make sure the internal memory is enough. Try deleting some apps and games you don’t play or use.
  • Clear the cache of the Google Play store
  • Get rid of the Google account from the device. Go to the account settings, then restart your device and then add the account,
  1. Quick settings access via notifications
Square function switch at the notification bar can act as swift shortcuts to full settings sub menus. To do this, hold down an icon to be taken to the icon section within its settings.
  1. Syncing with the iTunes
iTunes aren’t devised to sync with the Galaxy S3 but with the aid of a third party application you can successfully make the iTunes sync in the S3. The software you need to download is easy phone sync which is available in Google play.  The application allows you to transfer the iTunes library directly to the phone including podcasts, photos and music.
  1. Font changer
If you don’t like the fairly look of your Galaxy S3; you can easily adjust the font in menu systems for a light hearted display. The device has three other fonts available from the off. Moreover, you can download more fonts from the Google Play. To activate the font, go to the font changer option in the display sub-menu.
  1. How to check the OAP mode
Checking the OAP mode can be very challenging especially to those who are not massive Android fans. Finally due to this reason, Samsung has availed a simple UI mode. The UI mode simplifies the appearance of the home screens. You can attempt this mode by going to the home screen  of your handset’s sub-menu within the settings.
  1. Access to Quick search-bar
The swiftest way to accomplish a web search in the Galaxy S3 when on a home screen is by using a gestural shortcut. To do this, tap the menu key for two seconds and you will be taken to the Google search-bar.
  1. How to customize your Lock-screens
The lock screen of Galaxy S3 has a row of icons which can convey you directly to any application. The lock-screen contains the SMS hub, the phone caller, the camera and the S Voice application. There is a lock screen sub menu in the settings that allows you make your own shortcuts.
  1. Face unlock
In case you desire to keep your S3 device secure, here is a pro tip. Face unlock is the method to do that. Face unlock is able to recognize your face geometry so as to unlock Samsung’s S3 without using fingers. That app is more of fun than a security measure. Someone who looks like you can be able to unlock the phone. Moreover, a picture of you may unlock the phone.
  1. Like swamp, you can gesture type
Galaxy S3 highlights a Samsung virtual keyboard. The keyboard offers a gesture typing mode. This mode helps you drag a path over letters in words unlike in other keyboards where you have to type the letters by tapping them one by one. The swipe typing enhances faster and accurate typing.
  1. You can avoid people using the block mode
You may be a little busy to make friends or influencing people. If you are this kind of person, you may be interested in using the block mode. The mode enables you to control all sorts of calls alerts and notifications at certain parts of the day. You can also stop people from calling you when you are asleep. S3 allows you to keep approved contacts which can get you at all times.
  1. Boost battery life by using a dark background
Galaxy S3 has Amoled type screen. The screen does not use the universal background. The display uses a lot of power when the screen is white/bright. Use a black or dark background that will keep the battery life longer.

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