If you are planning to purchase a Galaxy S6 in near future, you will have to know more about it. There isn’t need to spend most of your time digging for the options and the best features in the handset. That is already done for you. We have laid out the best tips and tricks for the Galaxy S6. The tricks are applicable from the moment you boot you handset up.

Galaxy S6 Tips and Tricks

  1. Taking a screenshot
Most people are not aware of how to take a screenshot in this new handset. There are only two ways of taking a screenshot in the Galaxy S6:
  • Press & hold Power and Home buttons simultaneously.
  • Swipe your finger across the whole display and the screenshot will be taken.
Once it’s taken, you will see the screenshot at the notification bar. Then you can edit the screens shot to your desires.
  1. Rebooting the S6 without removing the battery
Samsung decided to have a non-removable battery in the S6. This means that it is impossible to remove the battery off the handset even if it freezes. However, this issue is taken care of. You can reboot or reset your handset without removing the battery. You just have to do a soft reset which will restart your device without losing any data. Hold the Volume Down and Power buttons for approximately ten seconds until the handset powers off.
  1. How to claim for a free 100GB of OneDrive Storage.
One of the greatest perks the handset comes with a free 100GB storage for the Microsoft OneDrive. OneDrive is really a nice service and the free 100GB storage makes it awesome. When you power you handset for the very first time, you will be asked to create or sign in a OneDrive account. If you have already created a OneDrive account the 100GB storage should be availed to your device. You can also skip the step of creating and account but you have to open the OneDrive application to take advantage of the deal. You can also have the OneDrive automatically back up your videos and photos.
  1. Using the Smart Manager application to run maintenance of your handset
The S6 comes with a new application only for the Samsung handsets called the Smart Manager. This application can help you manage the battery, security and the performance of your handset. When you open the application there are 4 sections which are; RAM, Device security, Storage and Battery.
  • Battery – Information about what things are occupying most of the storage will be availed in this section. You can clean the device and get rid of unnecessary application and data.
  • RAM – The apps which are consuming most of the RAM will be displayed in this section. You can end all the applications at once to free up the memory or rather kill them individually. However, it is not recommendable to kill all the applications often.
  • Device Security – This section is all about your handset’s security. Any unauthorized system changes in your handset. In case you want to use your device for work, you have to enable the KNOX application. There are also anti-malware features powered by the McAfee.
  1. Enabling the ‘Easy Mode’
This is always recommended for the S6 users who find the default experience too advanced or someone who isn’t that good with the modern technology. In the Easy Mode you will be able to view a couple of big application icons and a place to add the favorite contacts. To set up the easy mode, follow the guidelines below:
  • Go to the Settings then to Personalization
  • Tap the Easy mode
  • Choose between the Easy mode and the standard mode.
  • Choose the apps you would want to be displayed in the Easy Mode
  1. Adding your own home screen panels
You can create up to seven different home screen panels to accommodate your widget and applications. Below are the guidelines to do that:
  • Hold the blank space on the home screen to remove, add or move a panel.
  • To add a panel, swipe your finger to the left.
  • Then tap the (+) icon
  • Tap and hold a panel, then drag to move an application.
  • In case you want to remove a widget or an application, tap and hold a panel then drag to ‘Remove’ at the top of the home screen.

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