The Android Marshmallow update on Nexus devices has seen a ton of improvements with new features to boot. Though this improvements have proven beneficial to the Nexus owner, they have also featured a few problems. We’ve listed a few of the most common problems and how you can easily fix them.

Android Marshmallow Installation Issues

Most Nexus users complain of having difficulty in installing the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update, whether manually or OTA. This is most common when the download or installation gets stuck during the process.

Potential Solution

  • Wait till your device’s battery power is completely dead then charge it to a 100 percent then consider trying to begin the whole update process again.
  • Alternatively, clear the Nexus’ cache partition in the bootloader mode. Refer to our custom ROMs section to see how to do this.
  • If none of the above fixes the problem, you may need to perform a factory reset.

Android 6.0 Battery Drain Issues

After a major update, it is common to see Android users complain about a battery life problem, this hasn’t different in the case of Nexus users. If you experience this problem after the new update installation, it is recommended to wait a few days till the software settles.

Android 6.0 Charging Issues

Nexus users have suffered from charging issues with every new Android update and this is no different with the Android Marshmallow.

Potential Solution

  • As it may take, charge your Nexus device up to 100 percent. When it is completely charged, you can drain the battery power down to about 5 percent level, then recharge it up to 100 percent again. Do this three to four times to try and return it to normal.
  • If that doesn’t work, ensure that you only use the USB cable that the Nexus came with out of the box. If it’s the original charger, try using a different one with the same voltage rating.
  • You could also switch from the wall charger to charging the Nexus via USB cable on a computer.

Android 6.0 Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

Nexus users have complained about experiencing issues with Wi-Fi after the Marshmallow update.

Potential Solution

  • Restart your router, then wait a whole minute before you can turn it on again. Now try reconnecting it to your Nexus device.
  • Confirm that the firmware in your router is up to date by either check in your manual or online for your router’s firmware instructions. After the firmware has been updated, try reconnecting.
  • If the issue persists, go to your phone’s Wi-Fi Settings and forget the Wi-Fi network you are trying to connect to.
  • Alternatively, try adjusting the frequency. In the Wi-Fi Settings, tap the dots at the top right corner to navigate to the Advanced menu. Scroll to Wi-Fi frequency band and toggle the options.
  • Try updating all your applications, if all the above fail. Also, consider booting the Nexus into Safe Mode to try and find out if a specific application could be causing the issue.

Android 6.0 Data Issues

For some Nexus users, data issues have been fixed by the Android Marshmallow update, for others, it has brought with it the cellular data-related problems.

Potential Solution

  • First ensure that the problem is not due to an outage at Google or your service provider. Restart your Nexus device, by powering it down then rebooting it.
  • Also, try switching your device to Airplane Mode and then off again. This feature is meant to kill all connections once it’s on then restore them when turned off.
  • Though it may not work, try removing the SIM card on your Nexus then putting it back again. If this fails try using a different SIM card. If a different SIM card works, consider contacting your service provider.

Android 6.0 App Issues

Some installed apps have been affected by the new Android Marshmallow update causing problems on the updated Nexus device.

Potential Solution

  • Try stabilizing the application by installing any latest updates on the app that may possibly feature the bug fixes.
  • If an update fails, uninstall then reinstall the application and see if it fixes the issue.
What other problems have you experienced after the Android Marshmallow? Let us know in the comments.

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What's my model number?

There are several ways to locate your model number:

Option 1
On your device, go to Settings, then "About device" and scroll down to "Model number"
Option 2
Often times you can view the model number inside the device, by removing the battery
Option 3
Using Samsung's model/serial number location tool

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