With the Google Now feature, you can make use of voice commands to get help with the trivia questions and create reminders. With the recent update from Google, the voice command assistant will now sound more natural than ever.There are only two ways of saying a command
  • With the new Android handsets, say ‘OK Google,’ followed by a task or a question.
  • Tap the microphone button on the Google search bar and then skip the ‘OK Google’ part of the conversation.
In case ‘OK Google’ is not working, make sure it is enabled. To activate it, go to Settings, then to Voice and hit the ‘OK Google’ detection.

The list of ‘OK Google’ commands

General commands

  • What is Facebook trading at?
  • Stock price of Amazon
  • Who is married to [Angelina Jolie]?
  • Author of [Game of Thrones]
  • How old is [Kim Kardashian]?
  • Where was [Tiger Woods] born?
  • Post to [Google+] I like it
  • Post to Twitter I love [Google Now]
  • Search for [how to make a website]
  • Say [hello] in [French]
  • Who invented a [mobile phone]?
  • What is the meaning of [globe]?

Phone and Text

  • Call my [brother]
  • Find [mom’s] phone number
  • Text [Dad] [I’m going to the movies]
  • Show me [today’s messages] from [Cate]
  • Send a [hangout message] to [Tim]
  • Start a with [Tim] with [hangouts]
  • Send email to [James], subject [meeting], message, [will you attend today’s meeting]
  • Check my voicemail

Travel and Navigation

  • Where is my hotel?
  • What are some awesome attractions around here?
  • Where is [the museum]?
  • Show me menu for [Chile Adams Restaurants]
  • Call [Asian Art Museum]
  • Show me my flight info
  • What is the flight status of [Emirates] flight [765]?
  • Navigate to [Trumps Tower]
  • Where’s the nearest [Japanese restaurant]?

Reminders and Notes

  • Remind me to [purchase groceries] at [9 PM]
  • Remind me [next time I’m at] [work] [to call David]
  • Note to self: [My Google password is 1234567]

Calendar & Alarms

  • Create a calendar event: [Hangout with friends] [Saturday at 8 PM]”
  • When is the [next meeting]?
  • What’s my schedule for [today]?
  • Set an alarm for [7 AM]
  • Set a timer for [25 minutes]
  • Wake me up in [4 hours]

App and Device Commands

  • Turn on Wi-Fi
  • Turn off flashlight
  • Record a video
  • Turn on/off Bluetooth
  • Take a picture
  • Open [Pandora]
  • Lock phone

Weather and GPS

  • What time is it in (China)?
  • Where’s the closest (restaurant)?
  • How far is (Munich)?
  • Show me my detailed flight info.”
  • What’s the weather in (Miami)?
  • What will the weather be like in (Chicago) on (Friday)?
  • Will I need to wear a coat today?


  • Sports updates. Example: "Which team is Chelsea playing next week?
  • Sport scores
  • Movies nearby
  • Play [Take a Bow} by [Rihanna} on Spotify
  • What is this song?
  • Show me the trailer for [Avatar 2]
  • Movie showtimes


  • Flip a coin
  • Play Pacman
  • What is the loneliest number?
  • Roll a die
  • What’s your favorite color?
  • Give me a quote
  • What does the CNN say?
  • Show me give for an awesome vacation
  • Make me a pizza
Source: DigitalTrends

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What's my model number?

There are several ways to locate your model number:

Option 1
On your device, go to Settings, then "About device" and scroll down to "Model number"
Option 2
Often times you can view the model number inside the device, by removing the battery
Option 3
Using Samsung's model/serial number location tool

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