Samsung-I9070-Galaxy-S-AdvanceTo check your current Samsung I9070 Galaxy S Advance’s firmware, go to Settings>About phone>Software Updates and look at the build number.

Search your country in the table below to see the latest released update for your Samsung I9070 Galaxy S Advance.

Notice that only updates released in the past months are displayed. If your country is not on the list, just leave us a comment and we’ll gladly add it to the list.

For any other requests such as download links, also leave us a comment and we’ll answer as soon as possible.

Latest Updates for Samsung I9070 Galaxy S Advance

Download the latest firmware here.


Country, Release Date, Version, Build Number

Argentina, 2013 August, 4.1.2, I9070UBLPH

Argentina (Claro), 2013 June, 4.1.2, I9070UBLPH

Argentina (Movistar), 2013 November, 4.1.2, I9070VSLPA

Argentina (Movistar), 2013 August, 4.1.2, I9070VSLP9

Argentina (Personal), 2013 August, 4.1.2, I9070UBLPH

Austria (3 Hutchison), 2013 June, 4.1.2, I9070XXLQG

Austria (A1), 2013 October, 4.1.2, I9070XXLQE

Bulgaria, 2013 June, 4.1.2, I9070XXLQE

Chile, 2013 November, 4.1.2, I9070UBLPH

Chile, 2013 June, 2.3.6, I9070UBLK1

Chile (Claro), 2013 November, 4.1.2, I9070UBLPH

Chile (Entel PCS), 2013 November, 4.1.2, I9070UBLPI

Chile (Entel PCS), 2013 May, 2.3.6, I9070UBLK1

Chile (Telefonica), 2013 November, 4.1.2, I9070VSLP9

China, 2013 August, 4.1.2, I9070ZCLPC

Croatia, 2013 June, 4.1.2, I9070XXLQE

Croatia (TELE2), 2013 June, 4.1.2, I9070XXLQE

Cyprus (Cytamobile Vodafone), 2013 August, 4.1.2, I9070XXLQE

Greece, 2013 August, 4.1.2, I9070XXLQE

Hong Kong, 2013 August, 4.1.2, I9070ZSMG2

Hong Kong, 2013 May, 4.1.2, I9070ZSME3

Iraq, 2013 May, 4.1.2, I9070JVBMD1

Ireland (Meteor), 2013 June, 4.1.2, I9070XXLQE

Italy, 2013 December, 4.1.2, I9070XXLQL

Italy, 2013 June, 4.1.2, I9070XXLQG

Kenya, 2013 May, 4.1.2, I9070JVBMD1

Macedonia, 2013 October, 4.1.2, I9070XXLQI

Mauritania, 2013 May, 4.1.2, I9070JVBMD1

Mexico (Telcel), 2013 November, 4.1.2, I9070UBLPH

Netherlands (T-Mobile), 2013 October, 4.1.2, I9070XXLQI

New Zealand (Vodafone), 2013 June, 4.1.2, I9070XXLQE

Pakistan (PAK), 2013 May, 4.1.2, I9070JVBMD1

Paraguay (Claro), 2013 June, 4.1.2, I9070UBLPH

Philippines, 2013 May, 4.1.2, I9070DXAMD1

Poland (Play), 2013 December, , I9070XXLQG

Poland (Play), 2013 December, 4.1.2, I9070XXLQG

Portugal (Vodafone), 2013 June, 4.1.2, I9070XXLQE

Puerto Rico, 2013 November, 4.1.2, I9070UBLPH

Romania (Vodafone), 2013 June, 4.1.2, I9070XXLQG

Slovakia, 2013 July, 4.1.2, I9070XXLQG

Slovakia, 2013 June, 4.1.2, I9070XXLQG

Slovenia (Mobitel), 2013 June, 4.1.2, I9070XXLQE

Turkey, 2013 May, 4.1.2, I9070JVBMD1

United Kingdom, 2013 August, 4.1.2, I9070XXLQE

Unknown, 2013 July, 4.1.2, I9070UBLPH

Unknown, 2013 June, 2.3.6, I9070UBLK1

Uruguay, 2013 November, 4.1.2, I9070UBLPH

Uruguay (Claro), 2013 June, 2.3.6, I9070UBLK1

Uruguay (Claro), 2013 June, 4.1.2, I9070UBLPH


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