The HTC One M10 proved to be a great reinvention of the HTC brand, sporting new features, upgraded specs, and a new design. However, in some few ways, it is still lacking some quality features that we expected.One thing for sure is that the HTC M10 is a great shot, but not the knockout hit it could have been. The reason to this is that they are a few areas where there is a room for improvement.

Release date

HTC usually launches its handset early in the year. So for the M11, we expect it to be released at MWC 2017 from 27 Feb to 2 March.Here is a list of features that we expect to see in the HTC 11

An iconic design

The HTC 10 is a premium device with chamfered edges and a full metal body, but it is a bit divisive. It is pretty but at the same time, its lacks the iconic design of its predecessors. So, we really expect the HTC 11 to improve on this either through polish or making a new design from scratch.

An improved low light performance

The HTC 10’s camera is awesome in some modes, but in low light capabilities, nothing is special, especially when moving. It is surprising since HTC is well known for doing a great job even in the low light conditions. So for HTC 11, we expect to see this issue rectified. We expect to see a camera that is awesome even in low light conditions.

Front-facing audio speakers

Audio is one of the HTC’s strong points and the HTC 10 is no exception.  The device has BoomSound speakers and supports the Hi-Res audio.However, HTC did a notable mistake in their latest flagships. Instead of the speakers being on the front of your smartphone, they are at the bottom and the top edge. More so, the high and low frequencies have been split between the two speakers. This leads the audio to sound a little bit separated.In the upcoming HTC 11, we expect a great improvement on the unity of the front-facing speakers.

Waterproof build

A waterproofing feature is far from becoming a standard feature on tablets and smartphones. However, with the release of latest flagships from Sony, Apple, and Samsung, we are starting to see more of this feature and we would also like to see it in HTC.HTC should include the feature too since unexpected rain or spilt of water should not be capable of destroying a device you have spent your precious money on.

Brighter screen

The HTC M10 screen is quite impressive. It is sharp and has awesome contrast ratios, but it isn’t the brightest display we have seen. This is a problem, especially that we are surrounded by a world that is bright as it is hard to see what you are watching or doing. This is a minor complaint but we would like the HTC 11 to increase the brightness level a bit.
Source: Business Insider

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