Chasing after the title of the best Android flagship smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S7, Google Nexus 6P, and LG G5 have already toughened the competition. The HTC 10 is the latest competitor in the race, and a strong one by all means. While the flagship smartphone from HTC is equal to the others in terms of all-metal chassis, a brilliant QHD display, and powerful specs, there are some unique HTC 10 tips & tricks that set it apart.Whether you are planning your next Android smartphone or already own the brilliant HTC 10, there may be some cool new features that haven’t caught your eye. So here are some of the most remarkable HTC 10 tips & tricks you can try out and showcase your shiny new device.
  1. Change HTC 10 theme layout to Freestyle

HTC 10 introduces a unique screen layout for users to let their imagination run wild with large stickers and cool backgrounds. This design feature allows you to select and assign a sticker to open any app, and can be moved to any place on your homescreen.HTC 10 Tips & TricksTo switch your HTC layout to Freestyle, simple press and hold the home screen, tap on “Change home screen layout” and select “Freestyle layout”. Once you have activated Freestyle layout, simply long press and tap on “Add stickers” to make new shortcuts, or simply move / edit the default icons.
  1. Gaming on HTC 10 without leeching the battery

The biggest pain point of today’s devices is the short-lived battery life, which suffers more, when gaming. HTC 10 comes with multiple Battery Booster profiles, among which, is the Game Battery Booster.HTC 10 Tips & TricksThe Booster+ app comes preinstalled on the HTC 10, where you can select the games you want to use Game Battery Booster with. The app simply lowers your resolution from 1080p to 720p, which reduces the strain on the battery, while making almost no difference in the gaming experience.
  1. Personal audio profile on HTC 10

Not only is the HTC 10 the perfect companion for photographers, but a brilliant choice for audiophiles too. Equipped with a high-resolution 24-bit audio DAC, you can set the audio quality to your liking with the audio profiler.HTC 10 Tips & TricksThe audio profiler will automatically show up the first time you plug in your earphones into the HTC 10. You can either select the quick option to set your audio profile according to listening preferences. You can also edit your profile (and create multiple ones) to fine-tune your preferences from the Boomsound menu in the Settings app.
  1. The best of HTC 10 Blinkfeed

HTC Blinkfeed is among the best home screen readers for Android, with Samsung’s Flipboard Briefing running close. Blinkfeed is locked on the far left home screen and although it picks up on news posts from your recommended apps, you can add a lot more to it.HTC 10 Tips & TricksPress on the hamburger menu on the top-left corner of the Blinkfeed screen and press the “+” button on the top to add more services. Blinkfeed comes with support for Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and a new feature called “Mealtime recommendations”. The default news provider for Blinkfeed is News Republic, so tap on its icon in the settings to choose the topics of your interest.
  1. Using RAW for photos on HTC 10

Professionals are loving the fact that almost all new generation Android phones come with RAW mode to unleash the power of photography. HTC 10 also comes with RAW image capture technology, which comes with several uncompressed image details. Along with the 24-bit audio DAC, you can use HTC 10 to shoot 4K videos and high-resolution sound.HTC 10 Tips & TricksTo enable RAW image mode, go the Camera app and tap on the two lines to select Pro imaging mode. Tap the lines again to see the toggle switch to change shooting mode from JPG to RAW and vice-versa. The added bonus is the RAW Enhancement feature to make images even better, which can be selected when editing the image.Apart from these key HTC 10 tips & tricks, there are a bundle of other unique features that come with the flagship device. Have you discovered a unique feature which deserves a mention on the list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
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There are several ways to locate your model number:

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On your device, go to Settings, then "About device" and scroll down to "Model number"
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