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1: How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android Manually

There are several methods for transferring contacts between two different phones. Doing everything manually can end up being a bit of a drag. But it doesn't require the installation of any 3rd party programs.

In order for this to happen, you need to first backup your contacts into a microSD card or your SIM (The SIM card only holds a limited number of contacts, though), then you insert it into your new phone in order to restore them.

So, first things first, we need to backup your contacts from the old device. If you don't have an SD card or your SIM can't handle all the contacts, move on to one of the other methods. For this one:

  1. Head over to your contacts (Not from the Phone app)
  2. Swipe right and tap on "Settings"
  3. Select "Export"
  4. Export to .vcf file
  5. Choose any spot that fits you best (Needs to be on the SD card
  6. And you're done with this
Transfer contacts from Android to Android

Since the SIM card can't handle a lot of contacts, most modern smartphones don't actually give us the option of using it for backups. If that's the case for you as well, there are a ton of 3rd party apps that should offer this kind of functionality in case you need it.

Next, you need to take out the SD card where you backed up the contacts, insert it to the new phone, and proceed from there. To do that:

  1. After inserting the SD card, head over to your contacts (Again, not from the Phone app)
  2. Swipe right and head over to the settings
  3. Import
  4. .vcf file
  5. Head over to the location where you backed up the contacts
  6. And that should be all

2: How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android With your Google Account

Another method of transferring contacts from your old phone to the new one without having to install 3rd party apps is by using Google's pre-installed cloud solution.

Basically, as long as you're logged in to your Google account and it's set up correctly, you've got the option of backing up and restoring contacts automatically by using your Google Drive account indirectly. This takes a bit of space from it, but only that tiny bit that contacts need (Typically a few kilobytes).

If you haven't set it up already, here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Open your phone's settings
  2. Accounts
  3. Google (Your Email)
  4. Account sync
  5. And turn it on for your contacts
Transfer contacts from Android to Android

After that, simply grab your new device and upon logging into the Google account, a prompt should come up asking you if you want to restore everything that was backed up to the account. Just accept it and wait for the restoration to happen.

3: Let a 3rd Party App Do the Work

Technically speaking, Google already does all the work for you with the automatic backups/restores and everything. But, if you don't like it for any reason at all, there is always the option of using a 3rd party app.

There are plenty of options out there to choose from. Some of them work locally while others give you the option of backing up the contacts to other cloud services as well (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc).

The only thing that you need to do is pick something that's reliable and trustworthy. Now, while we've previously reviewed MobileTrans, which is a very decent option, but we feel like MCBackup may be a better alternative for this particular situation.

So, to use this particular one:

  1. Install MCBackup on your old phone via Google Play
  2. Open it and accept any permissions that it needs (Only for contacts, if memory serves right)
  3. Select "Backup"
  4. Tap on "Send"
  5. And choose a method of sending the contacts over to your new phone - whatever fits you best

In our opinion, this is a much quicker way of doing things if you already have both devices next to each other. And if you don't, there is always the option of sending the contacts over to your Google Drive account or to your own email as an attachment.

After the backup is over to the new phone, you'll have to restore it by following the instructions that we've mentioned above on the first method. And that's more or less all the manual method that's required from you.

Again, other apps may offer more options as well. We only picked this one as it's very quick in case that both devices are next to each other - and they most likely are. Not to mention that there's no need for an SD card.

4: Use Cloud Services

Those of you who are a bit experienced with tech probably saw this coming from a mile away. But, still, using the cloud is a great method to transfer contacts from Android to Android.

Not only because it's relatively easy. But also because the backup that you'll make will always remain on the cloud account. So, if anything happens, it's always going to be there in the future.

There are plenty of cloud options to choose from. Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon Drive, and more. Most Android users prefer Google Drive - most likely due to the fact that it offers 15 gigabytes of free storage and works very well with Google's ecosystem. That's why we're going to go with that one for this example.

  1. Install the Google Drive app from Google Play
  2. Create a .vcf contact backup file by going to your contacts and exporting them (See method #1 for a step by step guide)
  3. Open the Google Drive app
  4. Then upload your .vcf file (Contacts backup file) anywhere you want to the cloud
Transfer contacts from Android to Android

If you've got multiple other files to the drive, you can also create individual folders for ease of use.

After the backup is done, all you have to do is install the same app to the other phone and download your contacts. Then insert the contacts by using the "Contacts" app of your phone (Look at method #1 for a step by step guide) and that's about it.

Again, it doesn't necessarily have to be Google Drive. It's more or less the same thing with Dropbox or any other cloud storage solution for that matter. Except for a few ones such as iCloud that are not officially supported on Android.

Wrapping Up

That's all we've got for now. Do keep in mind that for some of these methods, the exact steps that you'll have to follow will differ from device to device and app to app.

All in all, here are all the methods that we mentioned:

  1. Manual backup and restoration by using an SD card
  2. By using Google's Contact Sync function
  3. Using a 3rd party app
  4. Using cloud services such as Google Drive or Dropbox

Feel like we forgot to mention something important? Got anything wrong? Then let us and everyone else know about it in the comments section down below!

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