Looking for a way to reclaim your phone user experience by learning how to stop pop up ads on Android? Here’s your complete guide on how to ditch those annoying ad banners with an ad blocker for Android that works.The internet was conceived on the notion of connecting the world and creating a giant global hub of information. Over the years, the demand for the World Wide Web has skyrocketed and the network infrastructure has strengthened quite considerably. This has created a booming industry for marketing and advertisement, redefining how people use the internet altogether.Google changed the game for website revenue generation with Google AdSense, and the marketing strategy has been ported comfortably over to mobile devices. It hasn’t taken too long for mobile app developers and website companies to dump advertisement banners into their products and services, creating the need to learn how to stop pop up ads on Android.From the Google Chrome browser for Android to the free games on the Google Play Store – ads are everywhere. While you could get your hands on one of the ad blockers for Android apps and bypass it all, there are only a handful of reliable choices left in the open. Fortunately, there are some sure shot ways that you can implement with ad blocker for Android apps to stop those annoying pop-up ads for good.

How to Stop Pop Up Ads on Android

In the olden days, you could just install a single app on your Android device and have the ads go away for good. However, the rules have changed over the years and not all ad blocker for Android apps seem to work anymore. However, we’ve sieved through the options find out how to stop pop up ads on Android and which options work flawlessly.

Block Pop Up Ads on Chrome browser

While Google may be minting its billions from annoying ads, Android does not exist just for that sweet advertising revenue. Developers behind Android realize that ad banners on certain websites can be too much to handle. Which is why Google has added the ability to block pop up ads in the Chrome browser for Android. All you need to do is configure the settings for the Chrome for Android app and you’re all set for a pop-up free experience.
  • Head over to the Google Chrome for Android from the home screen.
  • Tap on the three-dot menu button on the top-right corner.
  • Select the Settings option and scroll down to find the Site settings
  • Head down to the find the Pop-ups
  • Press the toggle switch to disable the feature.
Once you have the feature turned off, all of the sites you visit using the Google Chrome browser for Android will be blocked.

Use Ad Block in Firefox Browser

There are plenty of extensions for the Chrome browser that help you learn how to stop pop up ads. However, the same courtesy is not extended to the Android version of the Chrome app, which does not support extensions. This is where the Firefox Browser for Android comes in to save the day with add-ons for everything.The best add-on we came across to learn how to block pop up ads on Android is with the AdBlock service. An old name in the business, the AdBlock add-on for Firefox Android is a one-stop ticket to getting rid of all advertisements.
  • Head over to the Firefox Browser for Android from the home screen.
  • Tap on the three-dot menu button on the top-right corner.
  • Select the “Browse all Firefox Add-ons” tab.
  • Using the search bar, look for the “AdBlock” add-on.
  • Tap on the “+ Add to Firefox” button and wait as the add-on is installed.
Once you have the AdBlock add-on installed into the Firefox Browser for Android, you don’t have to worry about those annoying pop-ups anymore.

Use the DNS66 App

While Google Chrome may help you understand how to stop pop up ads on Android. The Firefox Browser does the same, but it does not block ads entirely. For instance, you may be able to get rid of the advertisement banners from websites. But what about the ads you get bombarded with when using free apps and games?The only way around this problem is using another service called DNS66, which is an ad blocker for Android that is universally useful. The DNS66 app essentially sets up a VPN tunnel that changes the “.hosts” file to block out the ads. However, the DNS66 app is not officially available on the Google Play Store, so you need to fetch the APK file and install it manually.
  • Download the DNS66 APK file from F-Droid file repository (Download Here).
  • Tap on the APK file and install it with the Unknown Sources enabled.
  • Open the DNS66 app and head over to the Hosts
  • Disable all of the hosts files but make sure you have the Adaway hosts file
  • If you want to disable the DNS66 service for certain apps, you can select them from the Apps
  • Go over to the Start tab and press the START
  • On the pop-up screen, give the app permission to create a VPN connection by pressing OK.
Once the DNS66 app is enabled and the service is running, you can get rid of ads on your Android device entirely. This includes the ad banners that pop up within third-party apps as well. However, some ads that are built into the app may still be visible even with the DNS66 service up and running.

Using an Ad Blocker for Android App

Google Chrome for Android doesn’t have a native ad blocking extension and Firefox Brower has its limitations too. This is why the Google Play Store is packed with a bunch of great apps that can help you learn how to stop pop up ads on Android. These apps are actually web browsers that come with the ad blocking features built into the core.

1. Adblock Browser for Android

https://youtu.be/8Mnh3KevyAYDeveloped by veterans of the ad-blocking market AdBlock Plus, this app is a browser designed to redefine your user experience. Adblock browser keeps the Acceptable Ads initiative in mind to keep the revenues flowing for the genuine vendors. You get the assurance of malware protection through secure browsing and versatile user interface for blissful browsing.

2. Brave Browser: Fast AdBlocker

While some advertisements are tolerable, nobody can handle the bombardment of ads. This is the very reason Brave Browser exists and is designed with speed and security in mind. You get encrypted data traffic, script blocking, and other security features with the Brave Browser. Apart from just keeping the pop ups at bay, you even get data optimization and tracking protection for an all-round browsing experience.

3. Opera Browser: Fast and Secure

A veteran in the web browser industry, Opera may not be the giant that it once was. But the brand has managed to keep a stronghold in the mobile browser arena. Apart from the more obvious features such as speedy browsing, privacy protection, and personalized feeds to make your browsing experience easier, Opera Browser also comes with an ironclad ad blocked integrated into the system to avoid those pesky cookie and privacy dialogs.

Wrapping it up

When it comes to using an ad blocker, the jury is divided for the right reasons over the ethics. The fact of the matter is that advertisements keep websites like this one included running and functioning. If you choose to block out ads entirely, it takes away precious revenue from the service providers.The Acceptable Ads initiative is the ideal guideline for websites and app developers to create non-intrusive ads. Service providers should be encouraged through the AdSense program in learning how to stop pop up ads on Android is important too. We’ve sorted through the list to find the available ad blocker for Android apps that not only work but don’t hemorrhage revenue generation for websites, thus keeping things fair.

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