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There are many possibilities for you to lock your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 screen. Swipe and Motion are the basic options but you can also choose from five security lock features: Face and Voice, face unlock, Pattern, PIN and Password lock. You can access them easily from the home screen by tapping Menu, Settings, Lock screen and Screen lock.

Basic Lock Features

You should know that these Basic lock features can be used together with the other five security lock features.

You can modify the settings to customize your lock screen:

    Shortcuts: touch the slider to turn the shortcuts on the lock screen on or off. Touch Shortcuts to modify the shortcuts shown on your lock screen. To open the shortcuts from the lock screen, touch the shortcut and swipe it in any direction. Your device's screen will unlock and your device will open the application.

    Information ticker: touch the slider to turn the information ticker on or off. Touch Information ticker to select the information that will scroll across the lock screen.

    Clock: mark this option to show the clock on the lock screen.

    Dual clock: touch the slider to turn this feature on and show a dual clock when roaming outside your home city. Your device will show the time in your home city and in your current location. Touch Dual clock to select your home city.

    Weather: touch the slider to turn on weather. Touch Weather to select the settings that your device should use when displaying weather on the lock screen. You can select the Unit of measure and define the Auto refresh settings.

    Ripple effect: mark this option to turn on the ripple effect on the lock screen.

    Ink effect: mark this option to turn on the ink effect on the lock screen.

    Help text: mark this option to show helpful tips on using the lock screen.

    Camera quick access: turn on this gesture feature to open the camera from the lock screen by touching the screen and rotating your device from portrait to landscape orientation.

    Wake up in Lock screen: mark this option to turn on the ability to wake up your device using Samsung S Voice commands selected in the Set wake-up command menu.

    Set wake-up command: access the S Voice wake-up commands settings menu.


This feature is the best option if you want to avoid accidental calls or opening applications.You will simply need to swipe your finger on the screen.


This feature is also a good choice if you want to avoid accidental calls or opening applications, but it will not offer additional protections. When you select Motion from the Screen lock menu, you can unlock your device by touching and holding the lock screen and tilting the device toward you.

Face and Voice

Tap Face and voice into the screen lock menu. Read the text and tap Next. Into About Face Unlock message screen, tap Set it up. Read the tips and tap continue. Make sure that you adjust your face into the dotted line and tap continue.

Tap the microphone into the voice setup screen and repeat the command you want four times in a row. Tap Done or tap Adapt voice if you want to change it. Also, you can create a backup PIN or Pattern for the cases when your face is not recognized.


Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 can be secured better if you use the Pattern feature.

First, you will have to Touch Pattern and read the information. Now, you will have to draw the pattern by connecting at least four dots in any direction. Then, tap continue. You will have to draw the pattern again and tap Confirm. You can also set a backup PIN code to acces the phone if you forget the pattern. This PIN needs confirmation too.


To create a PIN, you will have to tap it and touch Continue. Remember that the PIN should be at least four digits and not more that 16. You will have to re-enter it again and tap OK.


For the password, the path is the same as for the PIN. Also, it needs confirmation.

Changing Your Screen Lock Setting

You can easily change your settings by returning to the screen lock menu. You will have to tap Menu, Settings, Lock screen and Screen lock. You will have to enter the security information and tap Next. Basic features doesn’t need any information, but for the other five, you will have to follow some steps requested for recognition.

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What's my model number?

There are several ways to locate your model number:

Option 1
On your device, go to Settings, then "About device" and scroll down to "Model number"
Option 2
Often times you can view the model number inside the device, by removing the battery
Option 3
Using Samsung's model/serial number location tool

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