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S Note is one of the most exciting features of the Samsung Galaxy Note II, fact which is found into the phones name. Using this feature, you can create notes, add images, videos, voice memos and more. You can choose from predefined templates or a simple blank note to share your thoughts with friends and others.

If you want to create a quick Note, you will need to hold and press the S Pen button and double tap anywhere on your screen.

How to create an S Note

  • You will simply need to tap the S Note from your home screen. You will quickly find it to the favorites. When you launch the application for the first time, you will find Learn about S Note screen and you will tap OK and mark Do not show again.
  • Now, you will tap the Plus icon to create a new note.
  • Then, you will need to select a template from the preloaded ones.
  •  Now, you will have to select from the following options when creating or editing an S Note:
  • After that, you will simply tap Save when you have finished creating your Note.

S Note Options

When you create or edit a new S Note, tap the Menu to choose from the following options:

    Create note: save the current note and create a new note.

    Share via: share the page(s) as an Image file (.jpg), PDF file (.pdf), Plain text, or S Note file (.snb).

    Export: export and save the note as an Image file (.jpg), or PDF file (.pdf).

    Change background: change the background image for the current page or all of the note pages.

    Edit pages: delete or copy pages within the note.

    Delete: delete the current note page.

    Add tag: add or edit a tag assigned to the current page.

    Create event: attach the current note to a new calendar event.

    Save as: enter a name to use for saving the note.

    Set as shortcut: save the note as a shortcut on the Home screen.

    Set as: set the note as a Home screen wallpaper, Lock screen wallpaper, Home and lock screens wallpaper, or a Contact photo.

    Print: print the image to a Samsung wireless printer.

From the S Note app, tap Menu for the following options:

    Refresh: refresh the S Note library of notes stored on your device and on a connected account.

    Sort by: select how your device should sort your S Notes.

    List view/Thumbnail View: select how your device should display your S Notes.

    Import: choose an Image file, PDF file, Plain text, or S Note file to be imported.

    Sync: sync your S Notes with Google Docs or Evernote.

    Create folder: create a new folder.

    Change order: touch and hold the folder or Note to move it to a different location, and then release it.

    Copy: copy the folder or Note and select where to copy it to. You can also Create folder for the newly copied file.

    Move: move the folder or Note to another folder.


        Add page: when adding a new page, choose from Always ask, Add blank page, or Add selected template.

        Input language: select the input language. Choose from English, Spanish, or Korean.

        Note create options: when creating a new note, choose from Show template list or Select template.

        Drawing guide lines: mark this option to show guide lines when the selected shape can be moved or re-sized.

   Tutorial: view a tutorial on how to use the S Note application.

Share via S Beam

  •    From the Home screen, tap Menu , Settings, More settings.
  •    Tap S Beam, and then tap the slider Off to turn S Beam On.
  •    Now, you will simply have to put the devices back to back.
  •    You will need to Touch to beam on the senders screen.
  •    Now, you will need to separate the devices for transfer to begin.

Idea Sketch

The idea Sketch feature allows you to add illustrations to the S Note using hand written keywords.

When you create a S Note, you will have to move the S Pen over the screen and press and hold the S pen button until the Idea Sketch screen appears.

You will need to write the name of the illustration or select a Sketch Category. Your phone will recognize the word and it will display the result that match. Also, you can touch the Plus icon to create your own illustration.  

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