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When it comes to cybersecurity, it is vital to stay ahead of threats, rather than respond to them when they are already active. Because the nature of attacks is changing rapidly, it’s extremely important to choose the right security solutions to protect your Android devices, sensitive data, and Internet activity. 

And you need to understand what a decent antivirus should be like. The past years AVG antivirus has been a leader among Android antiviruses due to the high-quality protection of confidential data from the latest viruses, malware and spyware, potentially dangerous applications and settings, unwanted calls, and more. However, is AVG antivirus good for Android on par with other leaders such as Avast or Bitdefender in 2020?

The new 2020 year has come. With it, there are new threats and trends, especially in the world of cybersecurity - cryptographers, ransomware Trojans, phishing attacks, complex threats, and targeted attacks will gain new forms. It also has become relevant for home users, as it was proved by the results of an extended dynamic antivirus test conducted by the AV-Comparatives laboratory at the end of last year. In order not to become a victim of such cyber threats, you need to choose the antivirus application correctly, and in this article, we will list the points that need to be considered.

Things to Consider

Performance options


Constantly running antivirus software often loads the system. This parameter significantly affects both the speed of the device and its reliability. Slowness and crashes in the system are bad antivirus options, and they have no place in 2020. The faster the antivirus application runs and the fewer resources it consumes, the better it is. Ideally, the antivirus should work seamlessly. It is quite annoying when you run the application on the phone, and there are some glitches, or the battery runs out quickly.


No matter how many useful functions an antivirus contains, if they don’t work properly and miss threats. It is worth noting that modern antivirus software should work in the background, and not just when you launch it. Thus, antiviruses provide you with a guarantee that the links you click on and the applications that you download are checked and do not contain potential threats.

Percentage of Detected Threats

Reliable and modern antivirus should detect all threats and applications that are trying to penetrate your Android device. A good antivirus has a high detection rate - during scanning, it notices and blocks the maximum number of threats. For example, according to the independent laboratory AV-TEST, AVG antivirus intercepts 98.5% of malware in real-time, which is a fairly high rate.

False positives

It is another parameter - it shows how often the antivirus raises the alarm for no reason. According to testing, a good antivirus for Android produces only one false positive for several thousand reliable applications.

Additional security features

Protective solutions for Android include not only antiviruses but also a host of other useful features. Below is a list of features that AV-TEST takes into account when checks mobile security and which you should pay attention to when choosing the antivirus software for your phone.

  • Anti-theft allows you to block a lost or stolen device remotely, as well as clean information from it.
  • Call blocking - prevents spammers and other unwanted subscribers from making calls to your phone.
  • Safe Browser - prevents your browser from downloading malicious pages and checks web pages for data leakage.
  • Backup - used to create backup copies of photos and other necessary data.

Encryption - allows you to encrypt the contents of the device or create a VPN connection for a secure Internet connection.

  • Wi-Fi security - protects the Wi-Fi network and prevents the tracking of Internet activity and data theft.
  • Surveillance application protection - notifies you if any application is trying to access location or other sensitive information.
  • App advisor - scans downloaded applications for threats and viruses.

Cyber threats to which modern antivirus solutions will need to adapt

Since 2020, new threats and trends that affect our smartphones violate cyberspace security. Therefore, in order not to become a victim, you need to know your enemy and choose solutions that neutralize the harm. Here are some trends and forecasts for smartphones that we will most likely have to confront, and the latest antivirus updates can help us with this:

  • New threats associated with the widespread adoption of 5G. Switching to 5G technology will only worsen the threat situation for the telecommunications industry. One of the reasons is the architectural features that open up opportunities for new types of attacks on operator networks.
  • The evolution of social engineering without the use of malicious code. Despite the fall of the Trojans, the threat of social engineering without the use of malicious code is growing. Attackers continue to use fake accounts on social networks, make calls from reliable numbers using well-designed scripts. Therefore, blocking spam calls and analyzing social networks will be demanded features in a modern antivirus.

A new type of threat - JS-sniffers. JS sniffers will become the most dynamically developing threat, especially for countries where 3D Secure is not common. Therefore, if the selected antivirus has a detection function, you are already one step ahead of your enemy.

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