There are many reasons why you might want to browse in private mode on your Android smartphone. Whether you want to go off the record, access an adult website or even keep your activities safe while at the same time protecting your online history, private browsing is a the way to go about it! There are many ways in which you can access the web and browse in incognito mode using your Android smartphone or tablet. Most people still don’t realize the benefits of switching to private browsing, but you don’t want anyone who can access your device snooping on what you’ve been doing online. In this article, we look at easy ways how you can browse in private mode on Android.

Private Browsers

There are several browser apps on the Google Play apps marketplace that will do everything but keep your online history. These are applications that are designed exclusively for private browsing. You can open any website, URL or online resource that can be opened using any other browse, but once you tap on the ‘close’ icon, everything you’ve been doing vaporizes into thin air. Currently, we’ll focus on the two best private browsers available on Android.

a)      InBrowser — Incognito Browsing

InBrowser is an incognito (private) browser for Android devices that also offers video support. This means that you can as well stream Videos without having to worry about your privacy. Once you exit the browser, anything you have been doing in the app gets erased. This includes user sessions, cookies and browser history. One of the most outstanding things about InBrowser is that it’s feature laden. More so, you get an exclusive browser that’s permanently in private mode. This means you don’t have to worry about making some silly mistake. As long as you exit the browser app after doing whatever it is that you want to do online, you cover your tracks.InBrowser is ideally the best Android private browser if you’re looking to visit dating websites, adult sites, medical sites or login to your social media accounts using someone’s else’s device. InBrowser offers an incredible tabbed browsing experience. This allows you to quickly and easily switch between webpages within a single browsing session. The browser also offers support for agent cloaking. This means that you’ll no longer be getting mobile versions of websites. More so, you can trick sites that you’re accessing them via common browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer or Mozilla. An in-app video player makes it easy for you to watch just about any video without being exposed. More so, you can download your images, documents and any other files to your SD card simply by long-pressing on a download link. To top it all app, the minimalist design and optimal space for browsing makes InBrowser a usable Android private browsing app.

b)     Orweb: Private Web Browser

Orweb is also one of the best private web browser for Android. Easily regarded as the ‘most privacy-enhancing web browser on Android’, this app gives you the space and peace of mind you need to access just about any website. This includes sites that are censored, monitored or on the hidden web. This ideally keeps your browsing habits safe from monitoring, tracking and censorship by bouncing your encrypted traffic several times through computers around the world. The typical browser will offer a direct connection to VPNs and proxies, leaving your browsing data exposed.Orweb also allows you to circumvent firewalls and restrictions. So if your workplace, school or region blocks specific websites, you can easily access them without a hassle. Orweb leverages groundbreaking technology to allow its users to browse anonymously with a guarantee for their privacy. More so, your device is kept safe from common browser-related vulnerabilities such as JavaScript and Flash security loopholes. Like InBrowser, Orweb is fairly easy to use, you won’t be looking for help to access any website in private mode.

Regular Browsers

Most of the ordinary Android browser apps, including CM Browser, Firefox, Opera, etc. offer a private mode browsing setting option that can easily be turned on. If you don’t see the need to hide your online activities, but need to access a dating or adult website one time or the other, you can simply turn on private browsing in your regular Android browser. This can be considered as a shortcut preference, rather than having to download a dedicated private browsing app. However, when using this option to access the web in private mode, you need to be keen to make sure that the incognito mode is really turned on!You never know when you might need to access a private website via your Android smartphone or tablet. That’s why it helps to have a private mode browser installed, just in case. If you regularly access dating or adult websites, you particularly might want to install Orweb or InBrowser. However, if you don’t care about keeping a history of your online activities, and hardly access private websites, a regular browser will just do.

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