We all know that most of the things on our Android devices can be backed up on our cloud storages, whether it’s the photos and videos in our gallery or the people we have saved on our contact list. But what about stuff like our SMS and MMS messages, or even the call log lists? How can we save them in case we decide to switch devices or perform a factory reset on our handsets? With the assistance of an app like SMS Backup+, we can make this possible.While most messaging apps are built with a support for backing up your messages or keep them safe from loss, which is not always guaranteed. If you’re not sure about your messaging app’s backup capabilities, you could always try out SMS Backup+, a free app available in the Play Store, which is reliable when it comes to syncing your messages to your Gmail account for safe keeping.

How to use SMS Backup+ to keep your messages secure

There are a number of ways we can lose our SMS or MMS messages, from the loss of our phones, accidentally deleting them or through a factory reset. Most of us have one or two SMS conversations on our handsets that we wouldn’t to lose, that is why regularly backing up our SMS messages is the only way to ensure they remain safe.SMS Backup+ is one of the easiest ways for backing up not just your SMS and MMS messages, but also your call log as well. Basically these items are moved to your Gmail account attached to a custom Gmail Label and kept safe for as long you need them.For those that make use of Google Hangouts, you can try out the SMS Label in your Gmail account. If you can access the Label and it contains your messages, then it means your messages are safe and you won’t be needing this procedure.Anyone else can proceed to setting up SMS Backup+ on their Android device; here is how:
  • Install the SMS Backup+ on your Android device.
  • Choose the Gmail account you’d like to connect the app to. Because SMS Backup+ uses OAuth, you have the option of blocking its access whenever you choose, from the settings of your Google account on the web.
  • Tap the checkbox next to the Connect option.
  • From there, you can choose to either backup all the messages currently on your device or skip to have only the future messages received past this point backed up instead.
If you want everything backed up to the SMS Label in your Gmail account, then tap the auto backup check box to enable it. However, if you’d like to customize even further, then try out the following options:
  • Select the messages you want backed up
  • Go over to the Advanced Settings option.
  • Tap Backup settings.
  • Select the type of messages you want backed up to your Gmail account.
  • In case you want to avoid confusion from the "SMS" name labelled on Google Hangouts messages, you can simply tap the SMS section within your SMS Backup+ to change the name of the label as it appears in your Gmail account. For instance, instead of SMS, name it SMS+ or just Texts.
  • Hit the back button to save and go to the main menu.

Auto backup settings

  • Select the Auto backup settings option.
  • Tap on the Regular schedule option to choose how frequently messages are uploaded or backed up your cloud storage. The default frequency is 2 hours, but you can choose to backup after every 30 mins or as even 24 hours.
  • You can select the Incoming schedule to set when SMS Backup+ will be activated after the arrival of a new message.
  • Tap the back button to go to the main settings menu.
  • Tap the check box beside the Auto backup option to ensure the function is enabled.
If you don’t want automatic backups or the scheduled frequency of backup is not satisfactory, you could always tap the Backup button on SMS Backup+’s main screen, at any time you choose.How do you keep your SMS, MMS or call log lists safe from being erased? Let us know in the comments.

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