People often seem to forget the importance of keeping backups - especially when it comes to contacts. So, if you feel like learning how to backup contacts on Android, don't leave it for tomorrow, let's do it now!

How to Backup Contacts on Android With the Traditional Method

How to backup contacts on Android

Before we move on with anything fancy, there's always the traditional, manual method of keeping backups. It's supported on most of the phones out there. However, the process may slightly differ from device to device. Still, the concept is the same.

The first thing that you wanna do is head over to:

  1. Contacts (Not in dial pad)
  2. Settings
  3. Export
  4. Backup your contacts whenever you want. You usually have the choice of selecting either a place on your SD card or your SIM card

Again, the process may slightly differ from phone to phone. We've also happened to come across a small percentage of phones that don't allow you to do that at all. So, don't be surprised if it's not possible at all for you - in which case, you can follow one of our other methods.

This particular method is one of the fastest and easiest to follow. After all, you don't need to install anything, create new accounts, or anything like that.

Now, after you complete your backup, you may want to create an extra copy on your PC. Just to be safe.

To create a backup on your PC as well, all you need to do is connect your phone with a USB cable, go the location where you stored your backup by using your PC, and copy your contacts to the computer.

Restoring this backup is almost the exact same process. Except, this time, you need to select "Import" instead of "Export". Just don't forget where you've put your contacts and don't lose that SD card.

Use Google Sync

how to backup contacts on Android

If you've got a Google account, and most of us do, then this is one of the easiest ways to backup your contacts is by using Google Sync. All you need to do is go to:

  • Android Settings
  • Users and Accounts
  • Google
  • Account sync
  • Contacts

After the first sync is complete, then you should be all set. Your contacts are now safe in Google's servers.

The next time that something happens to your phone (hopefully nothing will) or when you get a new one, then your contacts should get synced with it within a few minutes of you logging in to your account.

If your new phone doesn't allow you to sync your contacts with Google; aka if Google contacts are not installed, you can go ahead and install the app from the Google Play Store. And of course, the same thing goes for your new phone.

Overall, assuming that you've got a Google account, this is one of the easiest, fastest, and even safest ways of keeping backups.

Once again, do keep in mind that the process may slightly differ from phone to phone. That's mostly because different manufacturers are using different Android skins.

For an example, Samsung has One UI, Xiaomi has MIUI, etc.

How to Backup Contacts on Android With 3rd Party Apps

If the above solutions don't cut it for you, then you can always refer to 3rd party apps. There are numerous apps that you can choose from over at Google Play Store.

There are apps that create backups on the cloud, locally, or on other platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Some of them give you multiple options as well.

As for which one to choose? Well, whatever fits you best really. My Contacts is one of the most popular apps that you can get at the moment. So, you may wanna start with that.

We've noticed that for almost every app that involves backing up contacts, there are at least a couple of people in the comments complaining about privacy issues and/or scams. So, do be careful with that, just in case. And do know that Updato won't take responsibility in case that anything goes wrong.

Now, back to the whole backing up with 3rd party apps thing. Each app is different. So, you'll have to follow whatever instructions they give you. But, generally, all you need to do is create an account, click a button to backup your contacts, and you're pretty much done.

That's all we got for you at the moment. If you feel like we forgot to mention something important or that there's a better way for backing up your contacts, do let us and everyone else know about it in the comments section down below!

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