Smartphones bring a lot of convenience to our lives, but if you’re overusing it, you might find yourself facing off with real health concerns. Studies show that switching off your device earlier can contribute to more hours of better sleep. According to health experts, there are various proved ways in which this fast-paced technology can endanger your health.

Ruin your sex life

A Durham University study suggests that 40% of smartphone-owning adults have delayed sex because they’re too busy checking out things on their devices. And what’s worse? Up to a third of correspondents polled admitted that they had rushed through sex, or even stopped mid-sex so as to reply to messages. When not checked, overuse of smartphones can cause tensions and frustrations and tensions, as well as encroach on sex life.

Damage your hearing

Over 26 million Americans do suffer from noise-caused hearing loss. Repeated exposure to over 85 decibels of noise can actually lead to permanent loss of hearing capabilities. Connecting on your headphones to your device and enjoying your favorite music at top volume might be one surefire way to degrade your hearing capacity. There are many organizations that are running public campaigns to warn against the impacts of listening to music at top volume levels. But the unfortunate thing is that most smartphone users believe that they know better.

Potential eye damage

A particular light wavelength that’s emitted by smartphones and tablet displays is potentially toxic to the back of the eye. The blue-violet frequency light that’s prevalent in electronic gadgets puts people at increased risk macular degeneration, which could cause blindness. Overusing the muscles in your eye can also lead to eye-strain, which manifests in symptoms such as headaches. Consider reducing smartphone usage or install apps that actually filter out these harmful wavelengths.

Distorted sleep patterns

The blue-violet light emitted by smartphone and tablet screens not only endangers your sight, it also distorts your sleep patterns. To get proper sleep, the body needs the right amounts of a hormone known as melatonin. Blue-light negatively affects the production of this hormone, thus wrecking havoc on your sleeping habits. It’s recommended that you impose an electronics curfew at least one hour before you go to bed. TVs can be exempted from this curfew, though.

Poor psychological health

There’s no doubt that smartphones have sponsored an explosive growth in our abilities to communicate and keep in touch with our business colleagues, friends, and loved ones. However, according to psychologists, this can also contribute to anxiety. Most people are occupied by a compulsion to respond to texts, emails, and other alerts as they arrive. This brings about the need to multitask, which has been associated with depression, anxiety and poor attention spans. A University of London study demonstrated that people who multitasked when engaging in cognitive tests lost as many IQ points as they’d have if they stayed up all night, or smoking marijuana!

You could develop a ‘text neck’

Most people adopt a hunched-over posture while staring at their phone. This can cause serious neck damage. Considered that it’s practically impossible to avoid smartphones and other technologies that might cause ‘text neck’, doctors advice that you practice a neutral spine position so that you don’t spend hours hunched over.Make a point to use your smartphone the right way, so that it doesn’t actually do more harm than good!
Image Source: Know Techie

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