In today’s time, your computer is literally your everything. Hence, maintaining your computer is very important to ensure it runs smoothly. An uncovered computer can collect dust and dirt, which can result in slow operation. In addition, your computer can be infected with a virus or malware if your antivirus is not updated. The computer works well if you take care of it. Here are some reasons why regular maintenance of the computer is necessary-

  • Faster Computer
  • Expose Issues
  • Prevention from Virus
  • Longer Life

When it comes to maintenance, both hardware and software maintenance have to be taken care of.

Software Maintenance

Software maintenance is an important part of the software development cycle. Software is designed to solve real-world issues and the model is drafted in accordance with the same. If the real world changes, software needs to be altered accordingly if possible. Here are some software maintenance tips listed below that will help you in keeping your computer up to date.

Shutdown Regularly

It could increase the life of your system by months or years. If you own a windows PC, it becomes more important to shut it down, since Microsoft only patches systems in shutdown mode. So, it is advisable to take that extra minute and shut down the system properly.

Uninstall Programs Properly

Just deleting the program icons doesn't uninstall the unnecessary programs from your computer. You must carry out the official uninstallation process for each application that you want to uninstall.

Utilize VPN

Oversee unsecured WiFi networks in cafes, airports, hotel lobbies and other public areas. Without basic network security, your computer is a duck for hackers or cyber criminals who want to send malware packages your way. When in doubt, install a VPN in your computer to encrypt your connection and prevent attacks.

Keep Your Firewall Running

Firewall is an inbuilt protection mechanism of the system. Running the firewall becomes especially important during installing new programs, and also when you’ve downloaded the program files from a source other than the developer or manufacturer.

Manage Storage

For your work or hobby, you might need to download, create, and save large media files. You can delete them from the computer's hard drive as long as you have another home for them and not necessarily one on your computer. Uploading them onto cloud could be your best and cheapest choice.

Hardware Maintenance

Computer hardware support includes maintaining the physical components of the computer, e.g. keyboard, hard drive, and internal CD or DVD drive. Cleaning your computer, keeping the fan away from dust, and defragmenting your hard drive are part of a support program for your computer hardware. This prevents wear and ensures smooth system operation. Some tips to ensure the same are:

Clean Your Monitor

Even though your monitor looks pretty solid, it is as vulnerable to dust and dirt as your keyboard and connection. Clean the dust regularly with a microfiber cloth.

Do not Overcharge

Avoid the temptation to keep your portable computers plugged in. This not only puts unnecessary pressure on your local electricity network, but may reduce the life of your device's battery. Unnecessary charging actually slows down the battery regeneration capacity, shortening its lifespan.

Keep Magnets Away

Keep your home office - and the device itself - away from magnets, even weak refrigerators. Your hard drive is very sensitive to all types of magnetic fields.

Protection is Necessary

One abnormal drop, and your/computer breaks into pieces, and so do your plans. Keep your gadgets always covered, thereby preventing them from being damaged in any case otherwise.

Ventilation is Essential

Desktops and laptops need to breathe like humans. If you have a desktop, keep the tower away from obstacles such as cabinets or walls. If possible, increase if possible to ensure good air flow on both sides.

These tips are the handiest of all. But these are not all. You need to do whatever it takes to keep your life-support intact. Computer Maintenance is more essential than it is thought of. So take care, stay happy!

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Essential computer maintenance tips you need for software and hardware

Essential computer maintenance tips you need for software and hardware

Essential computer maintenance tips you need for software and hardware

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There are several ways to locate your model number:

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