The Huawei Mate 8 is one of the best phablets on the market today, and just like any other Android device, it can experience issues ranging from random software bugs, wear and tear of constant use to lags and reboots caused by rogue apps. If your Huawei Mate 8 has been misbehaving lately, then there a few solutions that can help.

'Warning: Camera failed'

A number of Mate 8 users have reported encountering a recurring error displaying “Warning:Camera failed” which appears days after normal use. This is simply means the camera has stopped functioning and restarting the handset doesn't seem to solve the issue.Here is what you need to do, head into your Settings >> Apps and navigate to the Camera app. Select Force stop, then clear the app's data as well as the cache and afterwards restart the Mate 8.If that doesn't fix it, you can clear the system cache instead. Simply, power off your Mate 8 then press and hold the Power, Home and Volume Up buttons simultaneously till the handset restarts. Once on the system recovery screen, the Volume Down key can be used to move to the Wipe Cache Partition option and the Power button to select it.If the above options fail to work, then it may be time to pay your retailer a visit, because the issue may be hardware-related.

Inability to install a custom launcher

Though the Huawei Mate 8 is an incredible phablet, there are quite a few bugs present in its operating system. One annoying bug in particular, is the inability to set third-party installed apps as your default launcher.Also a recurring problem, is some apps reverting back to their original settings for no reason at all. We have yet to find a troubleshooting for these bugs, but Huawei is expected to tackle them in its next software update release.

Excessive battery drain

The Huawei Mate 8 houses an enormous battery and along with the highly efficient Marshmallow, battery life shouldn't be an issue.If your case is different, then the simplest solution is going into Settings and then in Battery section, check your battery usage. Apps such as Facebook have the reputation of sucking up most of your power, and reports even revealed recently that it can reduce up to 20 percent of your battery life. To resolve these problem, the only option is to uninstall these apps.Other than these apps which mostly process in the background, there are a few apps we use that have the same battery draining effect. For example, playing a 3D game all day long can significantly reduce your battery life as opposed to texting or browsing the internet. In addition, the use of GPS or navigation apps can also consume the battery life at a relatively alarming rate.

Camera takes too long to open

A fix for this has yet to established, but you can work around it. If you are planning to use the camera to capture something, you should consider launching it beforehand. Opening the camera app may take forever, but after loading it, navigating back to the camera is a lot faster.

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth won't connect

At one time or another, all smartphones have experienced these connectivity issue. Most common is Wi-Fi connectivity which appears to plague almost all Android devices. For most cases, the culprit is usually the router and a quick reboot of the router and your device as well, may fix it. If the problem persists, try forgetting the network in the Settings menu and then re-enter all the Wi-Fi details.As for a Bluetooth problem, consider clearing your paired devices via Settings >> Bluetooth and try repairing once more.What other Huawei Mate 8 problems have you encountered? Let us know in the comments.

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